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  1. mashuk

    House rent @ adelaide

    Dear Chrish: Here is the shortcut way: visit http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-adelaide/l3006878 Hope it will help you a lot.
  2. mashuk

    House rent @ adelaide

    Dear Dreamx: Thanks for the reply. It sounds good that you also going to Adelaid. if possible, pm me . Hope we can be benefited from us, And share our experiences who will reach at first. Regards...
  3. Dear eljay: I agree that it is tough to say anything about getting job specifically , but my question was to know whether the bad time is only for HR profession or it is in-general. And it is also true that we all are stranger to each other and that's why we are blogging to get our views. Anyway, thanks for your valuable input- it helps me a lot. If anything left in your mind please let me know. As a upcoming-entrant anything can help me....
  4. Dear Berry: Thanks for giving me the practical scenario of Adelaide. According to situation, I can have two options, 1. arrange 04 months funds (plz recommend an amount/month for 3 persons), 2. change my arrival date to end of January. But, let assume that both are not possible for me, then is it possible to start with any other occupation?
  5. Dear Berry: Thanks for your reply. For your kind information, I have never visited Adelaide before and I am coming with my family(with spouse & 10yrs old daughter). If you have any advice, plz share.
  6. mashuk

    House rent @ adelaide

    Then, after arrival at Adelaide where to sleep?
  7. Dear All: Planning to migrate to Adelaide from Bangladesh on November-14. Can any body suggest me to grab any job in HR field or any other jobs? Thanks Mashuk
  8. Dear All: Have got visa for 489 subclass for Adelaide. I want to move from Bangladesh in November-2014. I need to know how to rent houses for us. We are 3members. Need your help. Mashuk
  9. As a HR Advisor, I applied in April 2013. Today my agent told me to be ready for fly to Adelaide. May be after 3 months I will fly. Now I need advise for accommodation & Jobs.... Anybody here to help me out.
  10. To: blossom79 you have point out the right situation. At present I dont have any training.... so I need suggestion on what type of training will be suitable for me & the employment scope afterwards... Thanks.
  11. Dear All: I am migrating to South Australia within 60days (approximately). I want to build my career in plumbing. Which type of training is suitable for me, please let me know. Your suggestion on getting employment will be highly appreciable. Thanxx
  12. Thanks for your response, it gives me some patience...
  13. Hi: I have submitted all required doc (character + health) to my CO today (within 28 days) on 11/03/2014. I applied for HR Adviser profession. How long it take normally to complete the rest of process. Thanks. Mashuk