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  1. Hi, my partner and I (25 and 27) moved to Sydney in September 2014 and have settled in 'the shire', specifically Caringbah. I'm lucky to work with some great people but none of us live anywhere near eachother to hang out outside of work. It's a bit of an awkward age to meet new people in a completely new place (i.e. no longer in education but also don't have kids to befriend other parents etc.) so hoping to make some friends locally. If anyone is in a similar position, it would be great to hear from you! Hazel
  2. Hi, As stated above, it depends on how much you are taking. We have a little 1 Bed house here in the UK and are loading generally the lot into a Large Movecube on Monday. Once it's done I can give you a better idea on how much it fits, although the dimensions are all online, sometimes it's easier to understand by having a list of what fits! The movecube is through sevenseas worldwide - very easy process and comes in 3 different sizes. We went for large as our sofa is long, and it was the only size long enough to fit it in. For that and customs inspection/clearance in Oz it's between £1300 and £1400 - There will only be additional cost if there are any items that cause difficulties. We weighed it up on the basis of how much would it cost to replace everything once we got there if we didn't take it (+ the familiarity of having some home comforts to help us settle in) and for us personally it was FAR cheaper and more reassuring to ship our things. As I say, We're packing it up on Monday and sending it straight over, we're then moving in with the OH's parents until we fly in September and our Movecube should arrive a few weeks after us (If all goes to plan). It all depends on your individual circumstances, but this is what was best for us. Best of luck and give me a shout if I can help with any info. Hazel x
  3. Our Movecube is arriving within a week. Try not to think necessarily about the financial value of your current belongings/furniture but how much it would cost you to replace everything as furniture/electricals can be much more expensive in Oz and as stated above kitchen utensils and other silly things that get overlooked soon add up and quite frankly are a pain in the bum to replace as you don't think about needing one until you reach for it and it's not there! By the time we priced up our Movecube, we realised it was cheaper than replacing 4-5 of the more expensive items we are putting in it let alone the rest of the house that would fit in it too! I'd recommend getting some quotes and checking out your options, also do a bit of research of replacement prices by looking online at Aussie shops. Hope that helps, all the best! Hazel x
  4. Thanks so much Cal, wasn't sure if I was being dramatic but just getting overwhelmed with how much I have to do! At least after this week it's just living out of a suitcase and counting down!! Hazel x
  5. Hi everyone, Our Movecube is due to arrive next Monday (14th) and I'm frantically planning/packing/cleaning everything by myself as the OH is now in Germany on training for his new job in Oz!! Although I've read up on scrubbing shoes clean etc, I'm looking for some advice from some experienced Poms. I'm mainly stressing myself out about cleaning things that are going into the Movecube to avoid problems (and extra costs) with customs when everything arrives. It's things like our washing machine, vacuum cleaner and kitchen goods (pots/pans/small electrical appliances) I'd appreciate some advice as if anything is likely to cause a problem I'd rather just leave it and buy new when I get there. Any advice offered would be much appreciated!! Hazel x
  6. Haze9229


    Hi, I am also a Yorkshire girl (moving to Sydney in September). I work in a residential Property solicitors practice in York so also get to see lots of lovely local properties! It's a gorgeous area and lots of lovely little villages between York and Harrogate. Also, Harrogate has just been rated as the happiest place to live in the UK so they must be doing something right!
  7. Haze9229

    having differences with my MA - 457 help

    Our MA just sent us names of several insurance companies and said that we could either find our own or she would source some quotes for us (subject to our approval before anything was accepted) - She was very helpful. We went for BUPA but that was our own choice based on price etc and the fact that it has a variable start date as we do not have a definitive date for arrival in Oz as yet.
  8. Haze9229

    Nerves kicking in about leaving

    Hi Elven, You are not alone! But you must stay optimistic and positive. Myself and my OH (25 and 23) are moving out to Sydney in September but very nervous as we have never visited Australia before and it has all happened very quickly for us. When I think about how many years people spend planning and saving up for a big move like this, I panic when I compare it to my situation. Here's how it all happened for us: December 2013: My OH sent an email to a company he has links to merely enquiring if a job in Australia would be an option at any point in the future and how to pursue this if it was. January 2014: The CEO of the Australian company flew to the UK to meet my OH. The OH took this as 'The big interview' so suited up and did his research. He was greeted by a friendly Aussie who immediately said 'Take your tie off, you're an Aussie now, we don't wear them!' (So looked like he'd already made his mind up) February 2014: The contract was drawn up and a migration agent engaged by the company in Oz. April 2014: The application for the 457 visa was submitted and granted less than 3 weeks later! June 2014: We booked our shipping and started to panic! We are due to arrive in September but dates are subject to OH's training so we still don't have an exact date to go by, scary stuff! I agree with you that it is a whirlwind of emotions and a lot to take on board but I try to stay positive and think is this opportunity ever going to present itself to me again? and can I handle not taking it and thinking 'what if?' for the rest of my life? At the end of the day, the worst case scenario is that it doesn't work out, so you come back home and pick up where you left off with fantastic life-experience under your belt and some amazing stories to tell! You only live once and the only person in charge is you, so make it count! - That's what I keep telling myself anyway :wink: I wish you all the best and if there's anything that I can help with to make it less stressful, I'd be more than happy to!
  9. Haze9229

    Moving to Sydney - Budgets and Advice

    Thanks Cathy! That's really helpful. My partner is too on a 457 visa and will be starting his new job shortly after arrival. We are also lucky in the fact that he will be provided with a company car and his employers will put us up for a couple of weeks whilst we find our feet. We will have some savings but luckily won't have to pay out for a car as I will rely on public transport and then we will have my Partners company car for weekend trips etc. One thing I am keen to ask about is the rental pack that you mentioned. I've heard that the rental market is very competitive and I have been trying to prepare documents the best I can but if you could ellaborate at all on this point I's be extremely grateful Thanks, Hazel
  10. Haze9229

    Moving to Sydney - Budgets and Advice

    Hi, I hope you don't mind me muscling in on your thread themod53, but I'm in a similar position to you and think this info will be very helpful to me too. Myself and my partner (both mid twenties) are also moving out to Sydney in September and trying to order the whirlwind of information/decisions that are flying around at the moment. We are also considering the same areas as you stated to live in, but we've got to the point in our research where we just need to get there and have a look around ourselves, and guessing you may be in the same boat? I must admit, I'm very nervous about the prospect of being unemployed for the first time but I'm trying to overcome that with the excitment of the potential prospects! Although we've booked our removals etc too, I'm still digging around for information and I'll happily pass on anything that may be helpful to you
  11. Haze9229

    Here We Go

    Wow! Best of luck Jack! I'm sure the ring will make up for the lack of pancakes, although you could treat her to pancakes too, then you'd be top hubby! :wink:
  12. Haze9229

    Legal career advice

    Thanks Flake! Much appreciated. I've got my profile going on Seek but will have to wait until I arrive until those individual vacancies can be pursued. There seems to be plenty of opportunities similar to my current role, I suppose I'll just have to wait and see as to whether my UK based experience is enough! As for LinkedIn, I'll have to check it out as I'm not familiar with how it all works - Thanks for the tip I suppose it's finally sinking in that my partner is all lined up and I will be technically unemployed for the first time - scary stuff but exciting prospects too! Thanks again, Hazel
  13. Haze9229

    Legal career advice

    Hi, my partner is being sponsored on a 457 visa and we are heading to Sydney in September. I am a Law graduate and have been working as a Legal Assistant for the past year in the UK. I am yet to find a job and was looking for any advice in the legal sector. Based on my situation do you think it would be difficult to secure a similar role in Sydney? And where do I start when I get there? I have contacted an employment agency which is active in both the UK and Oz to get started but any other advice would be much appreciated! Thanks Hazel
  14. Haze9229

    457 Visa processing time - August 2013

    We were very lucky, our MA submitted our application on 7th April and it was Granted on 24th April (My Birthday) so I'm claiming that was our good luck charm :wink: My Partner has 457 and I am on it as a partner. We seemed to need bare minimum supporting documentation: Proof of De Facto relationship, Passports, Birth Certificate, Health Insurance for our arrival but also no medicals etc like some people have to endure. Also, his sporsoring company allocated a MA, have been very helpful and quick and want my partner over there asap to start so that may have something to do with it? I know you can track progress on the website if you submit it yourself but otherwise maybe hounding your sponsor and/oe MA is the only other way. Best of luck everyone!
  15. Haze9229

    Converting UK Law Degree to Australia

    Hi all, I found this thread very interesting as this is a point that I am currently researching myself. I graduated with my LLB in 2012 and also completed 3/4 of my LPC (although I unfortunately didn't finish it due to family circumstances, so not sure whether my completed modules would count) and I have been working in a Residential Conveyancing Firm in the UK for the last year. Like a few others on this thread, I am looking towards qualifying in Oz (I am due to arrive in Sydney in September). I've made plenty of enquiries through LPAB of NSW and Sydney College of Law, I'm currently awaiting the necessary info and will share it here once it arrives in the hope of helping some other confused Legal Beagles in the same boat as me :smile: