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  1. No they don't care about schooling at all, you have to do either IELTS or OET (I think) first. They ask for your exam number on one of the first pages of the NCNZ online application- you can't move onto the next page without it unfortunately. But the positive is that it gets it out the way when things are less stressful in the beginning, and you can re-use your IELTS results for points towards your 189 application when life is much more stressful. Feel free to message if can help along the way Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  2. Yes you do steps 1 and 2, then you can AHPRA anytime you like before you come out. Step 3 is apply for Modified ANMAC skills assessment (not full assessment) Prior to step 4 and 5. Google "NCNZ internationally qualified nurses" and you will find all the guidelines and application forms on there. You can start to gather your documents listed while you wait for your English exam. Fb group uk registered nurses seeking Ahpra and Anmac (or something like that) is the only place I have found with lots of info on Nz route. Though here is much better for general migration help and support. Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  3. Samday13

    Nearly 3 weeks in on the Sunshine Coast

    Lovely to read your journey so far! We are planning to go to SC when our visas come through. Saw a lovely house in Mountain creek we would have loved to buy if we'd been there, so will look out for more updates!! Hope it's still as idyllic now Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  4. Nurses of all areas have been successful with the NZ route but sadly it is not applicable to UK midwives as they are governed by a different body to nurses in NZ. The Fb group was recently renamed to Uk registered nurses seeking Anmac and AHPRA or similar to that. You will see many examples of people who have done if or are doing it. As a Diploma Paeds nurse AHPRA would never have considered me, even for bridging, but under the TTMR if NZ have registered me and I can show a COGS from both nz and Uk, plus a few other documents I already had gathered for the NZ registration then legally they have no reason to decline me. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  5. You do need IELTS English test first though too before you can apply so crack on and book that in as it can take a few weeks to get a date and 2 weeks to get your results! You can always use the results towards extra visa points too if you are wanting PR. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  6. Hi, I have been granted NCNZ registration with a Dip HE in Child Nursing and an just transferring it over now to Aus. The two countries have a reciprocal agreement that nurses registered in one country can practice in the other with very little extra evidence (and a fee of course). I must add that I have sent out about two inch thick wodge of documents to justify my training and my CPD, but although it was time consuming to gather, it wasn't any harder than gathering stuff for AHPRA directly. I know there are a few people who have topped up and still not been accepted by AHPRA directly but have been successful via NZ. Join the FB group I mentioned in my last post for loads of info. NCNZ official line is that they only accept degrees but they will consider all applications on a case by case basis. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  7. Samday13

    189 visa processing times increased

    From what I understand from reading everything and anything, 355 people have been made redundant from the visa processing depts, as they are the areas most suited to automation. And with regards to the processing times on the border website, they are not expected times, they are based on the average times that visas granted in the previous month (ie June for these latest figures) actually took to process. So if you have a bottleneck of applications, the end of the tax year and a few complex applications then it makes those averages increase. The figures will change again monthly, so they could vary quite a lot from month to month...crossing everything for some improvement, as the thought of staying another year when we feel ready to go is depressing!! Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
  8. I'm sorry I can't offer any advice but I find the whole experience bit confusing, I'm not sure why the skills assessment experience can't be the same as the Immigration. I know one person who said they got 2.9 years got one and 8.1 for the other! Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  9. You too@TeacherClem. I know wha I'll be doing at work tomorrow, emailing HR and digging out my job descriptions. Thanks@woody2709, that'll save some money getting the bank to do it. How on earth anyone ever did this stuff without forums I don't know!! Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  10. Yes that's what I was thinking. I have references that I used for my skills assessment that say since I "started on the ward in 2004..." so I think I'll add those. I presume bank statements need to be formally printed off by the bank rather than just by me from online bank? I used to hoard but then got ruthless a few years back...get! Well done your husband [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  11. Crikey that's good you have them@teacherClem... I'm not quite there yet but that's a lot of pay slips and I reckon we only have a years worth in the filing cabinet- what else could you use to back up the slips if you don't keep them all?? A letter from HR doesn't seem enough! Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  12. Samday13

    Character Statutory Declaration?

    I looked online and there was a list of Australian professionals but I couldn't find one with who to use if you are outside of Oz still. Thanks for your reply. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  13. Hi, just going through the checklist on the Immi website for 189 applications and it mentions bits you may be asked to provide / may wish to Frontload such as form 80 and 1221. It also mentions Character Stat Decs....but I've not seen many people mention this one on their list of docs they have submitted?? If you have sent one, who have you got to witness it as I can only find a list of Australian professionals who are eligible on the website? Thanks Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  14. Samday13

    Moving to Mackay

    Haha yes I remember it was long way north or south from when we holiday end there a couple of years back, but we drove Cairns to Brisbane over 2 weeks so I had no real concept of how far anywhere was from anywhere after a while.....sugar cane fields everywhere you look for days [emoji23] Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
  15. Samday13

    Moving to Mackay

    I keep seeing jobs advertised here, and loved this part of QLD when we holidayed there, but just thinking about when we have family visit (hopefully!)... How far driving wise would it be to an international airport? The hospital looks great!