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  1. Hello, If there is an ongoing medical condition which is stable, but requiring ongoing medication ongoing how does it affect visas? Obviously a medical is done... but ongoing treatment will be inevitable. Is there a cost limit on medical treatment ? If so what is it or how do I find out? If it goes above this does private medical insurance cover suffice? There is a PBS list with prices but does this reflect what the government will pay or what the person pays after the government subsidise it? thanks!
  2. Lotti22

    Visa 491 NSW

    Hi, I’m looking into visa options - probably not even applying for several months but trying to get our ducks in a row beforehand. Looking at the stats of the skilled 189 visa I’m starting to think the 491 is more realistic (skilled regional) as my points will only add to 80 for the 189, whereas they’ll be 95 for the new 491. I’m a vet and ideally will move round and locum (I’m happy in regional areas - we don’t want to live in Sydney / Brisbane /Melbourne). I guess I’m wondering if I get a NSW nominated 491 do I have to stay in NSW? Everything I’ve found online suggests as long as it’s regional Aus it’s ok. I will seek advice from a migration expert but just putting feelers out on here first. We are likely to apply for 191 PR in a few years so I don’t want to breach anything on a 491 visa!! Any advice welcome! thanks Lotti
  3. Hello I am thinking about future moves to Australia on a 189 visa- is there an upper age limit for de facto partners? Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  4. I'm hoping to get a 189 visa and in five years intend to get the RRV and stay in Australia ... My de facto has work commitments for the next five years so we will be to and from Australia. To get the RRV I will meet the requirements but she will not - does anyone have experience with this situation - she has work commitments in the UK until 2020 stopping her meeting the full 2/5 years normally required for the RRV.. If anyone has experience with the RRV and de factos any advice welcome!
  5. Thank you for your help. I moved around lots doing locum work so I didn't get a full 6 months with any one employer.. I will have a think ! From what people have suggested it might not even affect my visa application which is great too. I will let you know if I need some help sorting it
  6. I was in Australia on a WHV in 2013-14 but have not yet sorted tax returns out for the period I was out there .. I plan eventually to apply for an independent skilled migrant visa 189.. Does anyone have experience of the 189 application process - will they want my TFN from my original WHV year ? I presume I'm going to have to sort my tax out properly and go through all the previous jobs I did while one WHV- which was 2013-2014 across 2 tax Australian tax years .. I'm a vet I did locum work for nine different places and just went on PAYE so I did pay tax but just didn't fill in returns at the end of each tax year. I guess being a Brit I was so used to all that being done for me... do they go into the previous work and link my TFN for this 189 application? I hope to apply for my 189 visa in 2016 ... But I don't want to apply for my visa if it might get rejected because of any outstanding problems trough not filling in a tax return from my original WHV year!
  7. Lotti22

    'Tax refund 4 travellers '

    Has anyone used this or any other company to get residency status for tax purposes? I have been on a working holiday visa and I meet some requirements for being taxed as a resident. So my plan is to pay an accountant to help and I wondered if anyone has experience of this company? Lotti
  8. Thanks for your advice everyone. I will have a think. I will be gutted if it's taken off and I can't get back in the country! Does anyone now if the RRV requirements change often? we have an added complication that my partner cannot yet be added as my de facto as we have not yet loved together so I'd have to try to add her at a later date!
  9. Sorry I wasn't very clear- I meant get a skilled migrant application before 1st July to get permanent residency before vets are taken off the SOL. (Spending two of five years here to get my resident return visa to keep my visa active). We can't live out here properly for another six years as my partner is tied to the uk till ten. The statistics the Australian Veterinary Association have submitted to AWPA show how unemployed vets are on the rise with the number of vets schools out here having risen from 4 to 7. It's quite convincing when I read it even though I know there are practice biting my hand off to work for them because all the new unemployed vets want jobs in the big cities only. Hopefully vets stay on the SOL but I wish there was some sort of warning! If not I will just have to find another way into the country in a few years! Cheers lotti
  10. Hello, I am currently in Oz on a WHV, due to go home to the UK 13th July. my occupation is highly likely to be taken off the SOL (veterinarian)- the new SOL is announced 1st July 2014. I have a partner in the UK and we want to come out together in 6 years. My worry is if I don't sort my permanent residency now and vets get taken off the SOL we won't be able to get out here... If I apply now I have to spend two of the next 5 years here then I can apply for permanent from what I understand. Obviously it's going to mean 2 years away from my partner but has anyone done this and added the partner on to the residency as a de facto later? Is it easy to achieve? I could come out here alone again just for enough time to keep my visa going if this is the case. Thanks any ideas or help appreciated lotti
  11. Lotti22

    SOL vs CSOL and state nominated occupations

    Ozmaniac that is great thanks! Very happy about that
  12. Hello, if an occupation is taken off the general skilled occupation list does that mean its definitely taken off the consolidated occupation list? Are the two linked is it literally a consolidation? Also for state nominated occupation - do they have to be on the general SOL for a state nomination listing? I think my professo b will be off the SOL soon...
  13. Thank you that's very helpful adonna. Soo.. If I apply now, I don't have de facto evidence yet how would I get around that? I will only have that 12 months from now.
  14. Yeah I know at present we've never lived together tho When I go home in July we will live together though... She just listed me on her bills so next year if I'm on the SOL I could apply. Wow doesn't the visa stuff pickle your brains!!!
  15. Thanks. Catch 22 as we can't come out till 2020.. If I get in now on the list I will have to keep mine up and be here for two years to get rentry(providing that criteria doesn't change) Then she would have I get a partner visa. Complicated!