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  1. Melbourne Valiant

    Jobs Page

    Where did the jobs page go? I haven't been on here for years. Our company is looking for somebody with a brain, qualified in Electronics/Biomedical stuff. Close to Knox location.
  2. Melbourne Valiant

    Medical Repair Technician-Scoresby/Knox Melbourne

    We still haven't found a suitable applicant.
  3. Melbourne Valiant

    Importing a caravan

    We imported a campervan, all I can say is don't, just don't. It is not worth the money or heartache. We spent about 8k importing ours.
  4. Our company is hiring and can't find a suitable candidate. They are making a decision very soon so be quick. Follow the link to seek and if you fit then post your resume asap!! Good luck!!! http://www.seek.com.au/job/30837570?pos=10&type=standard&engineConfig=&userqueryid=18145325309940457&tier=no_tier&whereid=
  5. Melbourne Valiant

    Looking to meet friends!

    Same boat here. From Stoke. Threatened to go home so many times that I have made a decision to go back when I get my citizenship. I just don't like it here. Moved to Carnegie where I've not met a single person. It was better in a house share in South Yarra but you meet some messy morons too. Not looking forward to Christmas. Gonna be lonely with just myself and my lady.
  6. Melbourne Valiant

    I'm done

    Probably more than that I've applied for, 22 since June 26th. It's getting worse now though, I don't even get rejection letters anymore. I don't have money to relocate so I'm off. Cheers guys.
  7. Melbourne Valiant

    I'm done

    It's a bit of a commute from South Yarra! I want to get my taxback from the UK, mend my camper van, flog it, buy a single ticket back to the UK where I can get my old 40k a year job back, play golf, snooker and football and watch my beloved crap team Port Vale!!! That is far better than being holed up in my house for eight hours a day applying for jobs. I'm going insane, insane enough to move back to Stoke!!! :-)
  8. Melbourne Valiant

    I'm done

    Having applied for 100 jobs and no luck I decided to go to TAFE to improve my chances in electronics. Having four years experience in fitting trackers into vehicles I just can't get a job doing anything. I have warehouse experience-can't get a job, data entry experience-can't get a job. Now unto 150 job applications, been here since February. I really wish I didn't leave the UK, i'm stuck in the house all day, no friends, no family, and camper van that is ****ed. The carburettor blew when we imported it. After loving the place after backpacking from 2005-08, I now actually hate Melbourne, I hate Australia. So a warning to all before you come over, make sure you have loads of money or have a job lined up, because life is just pure **** at the moment.
  9. Melbourne Valiant

    Work in Melbourne

    While there is plenty of work, there are plenty of people applying. Safety has gone mad since 2006 when we were last here. You will need a white card, maybe a red card too, equivalent of a CSCS maybe. All available on a short course for about $50. Once you are here, you probably turning up on site and stick our resume (CV) underneath the site bosses nose and and don't give up! The more experience you have the better. If you head to Melbourne, head for the Pint on Punt pub. They are full of Irish construction workers, a great laugh and they can point you in the right direction. Hope this helps.
  10. We went with an agent in Swindon I believe, Ian Harrop, most helpful!! On top of the charges of the visa application costs we paid an extra £1500 to the agent, in total, about £3,800, that is with the IELTS (English language certification). I have just imported my 1978 Toyota Hiace from the uk to Melbourne, lots of paperwork, lots of money, lots of swearing etc. Loads to take in. If you get your visa, drop me line, I will be more than happy to help with what happens at this end. I work with a guy who emigrated from Birmingham, he submitted his papers in Spetember and was here in January. Good luck! The only Port Vale fan in Melbourne!
  11. Melbourne Valiant

    Hi all from Stoke-on-Trent Couple

    Haha, yeah I am, small world!! We went to Mornington when we backpacked here a few years back. It is a beautiful place. You must be very brave taking such a massive step with children!!
  12. Melbourne Valiant

    Long time member but just starting journey

    We did the same, great jobs and pay. We are now here in Melbourne. We are a couple (m36 f 32) and we found the hardest part actually finding a job, once you have one, it is an absolute breeze. My job is simple and pays twice the amount of the UK for a similar job. Petrol is cheaper, food is slightly more expensive. We have been whacked big time on importing our camper van here. We live in a house share with a Columbian and French couple. It is simply brilliant. If you need any advice on any matters then drop me a line, everyone is in the same boat!!
  13. Melbourne Valiant

    Hi all from Stoke-on-Trent Couple

    Promotion in the Baggies…er bag I meant!!
  14. Melbourne Valiant

    Hi all from Stoke-on-Trent Couple

    This is all too familiarly weird. Please don't say that yer fella is a sparky called Stuey????
  15. Melbourne Valiant

    Hi all from Stoke-on-Trent Couple

    Now I have work it is starting to come together. I met a Scottish lad on Chapel Street a few weeks ago, and met many folks playing football in South Yarra last week. Well, a few Fridays ago I was walking down Chapel Street when I heard a voice shout "Woody", it was the Scottish lad in a pub so we joined him for drinks. On a train today heading into the city another voice shouted "Woody". It was lad I played football with last week. So it is nice that we now bump into people that we know here and there. It is so good to make contacts and mingle. It is difficult on first arrival but we are getting there. :-)