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  1. peterc1983

    Transferring from Oz to UK

    Thanks guys; I think I've sorted this. Moneycorp called it sort code on the email, so I was confused by the switch in terminology .. was looking for a BSB number. All good now, thanks.
  2. Hi, I was able to transfer savings from the UK to Oz no problem via Moneycorp but I find I am perhaps missing something to do this. When I try to setup the transfer from my NAB account to the Moneycorp RBS account in Australia; I have no BSB to use. I called Moneycorp and they emailed me a PDF with details but it is missing the BSB.. Can anyone help? Cheers, Peter
  3. peterc1983

    Super Funds -- Unit Trusts?

    I am contacting but they are my employer so I'm not sure how that works.
  4. peterc1983

    Super Funds -- Unit Trusts?

    Thanks Andy, it's good to know it's not all that different. I won't be pension transferring; I have all my holdings in cash now and will just re-invest. Regarding what you said about using the company nominated fund; I'm contracting just now -- does that change anything with regards to this? I only ask because the company fund isn't mentioned on any of the paperwork.
  5. So I used to consider myself quite knowledgable when it came to UK financial planning after 5 years at an IFA. But now that I live in Perth, and I now have to pick a super fund, I'm finding it quite difficult to know where to look for genuinely good advice and pointers. Back home I was used to thinking in terms of Unit Trusts, bonds, ISAs, SIPPs and Personal Pensions. For example, are there are any super funds like SIPPs; that invest using different types of wraps/products? Do we have a concept of multi-asset/multi-manager funds here, too - so that I can spread the risk? Maybe I'm trying to project too much of what I'm used to onto this, but I figured it must be roughly the same in areas? I'm only just starting as well, so of course my investment focus is different to someone about to retire. Any direction would be appreciated
  6. peterc1983

    Broadband in a rented apartment

    Thanks for this, that was great to know I'm not losing the plot! Well, as luck would have it, Telstra called today to confirm the engineer appointment -- even though I'd called Belong last night and cancelled everything as I'd never be in to let this guy get access. He said on the phone he didn't need into the apartment and lo and behold when I came home the phone line appears to have a dial tone. So, I've asked Belong to reinstate the original order again and we'll see what happens. Whew! It was looking like I might have to get a dongle there, but the plans just suck for data allowance. No chance of Netflix on those!
  7. Hi, Can someone clarify because I'm really not getting this. I just moved into a new rented apartment. As part of the landlord information sheet they left, they stated: "The landline number, if you wish to have it reconnected, is 08 xxx xxxxxx". So; if I'm trying to get broadband installed here -- am I supposed to give the company this telephone number as the one in use at this address? There is a phone here (it's furnished) but there is no dial tone. It's confusing me because I tried to order broadband from Belong, and they said that the previous tenants didn't have Telstra after I told them there was a phone line already hooked up and ready to be reconnected (I was hoping an engineer wouldn't need a home visit as I can't take any time off to sit in for the engineer). They said an engineer would need to come out, so I had to cancel the order. Can someone clarify for me what's the situation? Given the landlord has provided a telephone number -- does this actually have any bearing at all? I thought your number got passed around once it was disconnected in Australia. Thanks.
  8. peterc1983

    ielts test

    I found the reading was the part I needed practice with to ensure I was approaching the questions in the right manner. Everything else, for a native English speaker, I'd say will be pretty plain sailing.
  9. peterc1983

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015?

    Moving to Perth in 5 days Once I get settled in my temp. accommodation; it's job hunting for me!
  10. peterc1983

    Moving my money over to Australia

    I can fully confirm this; Moneycorp have been amazing for me sending cash over to my NAB account to get me setup for when I arrive. I touch-down in 5 days and NAB have booked me in for the day after I land to get my bank cards and stuff. All very very smooth sailing -- and using the Moneycorp offer I've saved myself a chunk on fees for the multiple transfers I've made.
  11. peterc1983

    Which is the best Mobile network?

    I'm migrating to Perth in 5 days, and I've just looked into this topic too -- wanting to get the best mobile contract. Personally, I'll want more data than anything. I noted two that seem good: https://www.aldimobile.com.au/plans/valuepacks https://yatango.com.au/mobile/pricing/personalised Yatango lets you pick what you need most from a set of sliders; and the ALDImobile bundle seems the best rounded from what I can see.
  12. peterc1983

    Wine in Perth

    Thanks, they have a few bottles they call piccolo that I could see. In the end I found a site called halfbottles.com.au that seem to do the trick .. I've emailed to confirm if they allow payments internationally. Thanks again.
  13. peterc1983

    Wine in Perth

    Hi, I'm trying to source some local (WA) wines that I can send to my family who are already in Perth. I was hoping for something like a hamper/crate of wine; but since I won't know which they'd like, I'd prefer to get little mini bottles if possible. I've found loads of wineries that offer crates, but these are always for full-size bottles. I don't want to go the route of a wine tasting tour/day either, as it's a bit overkill for this gift. Does anyone have any ideas about where I could get this kind of stuff? Thanks.
  14. peterc1983

    ACS - Certification of School Documents

    I didn't get my certificates certified for the ACS. I got everything certified for DIBP (my EOI and Visa app), but not for my skills assessment. It wasn't a requirement (not in my case at least: 2 x employer references and degree transcript).
  15. peterc1983

    ACS Website

    Don't know what type of computer you're using; but on my Mac there is a Quartz Filter you can apply to PDFs to compress them from within Preview. I had to do this for all of my scanned documents (as they were all high quality colour scans and too large).