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  1. If you got to Australia on a working holiday visa, is there any way of training in a certain job when you get to Australia to get experience and skills to get a skilled job to then get sponsored? or is that impossible and would it be too hard to find those jobs when you're on a working holiday visa? I want to go to move to Australia from the UK and I don't want to marry an Australia either as I'll be going to Australia with my girlfriend from the UK. I've only got experience in call centre and admin work and my girlfriend only has experience in being a support worker so we don't really qualify .. any help?
  2. qwe

    working holiday visa

    does it have to be in one of these jobs to be classed as a skilled job and to get sponsored ? http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/skilled-occupation-list.htm
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    working holiday visa

    hiya I'm wanting to move to australia in January 2015 from the UK, I'm going to apply for a working holiday visa and I'm going to complete the three months regional work so that I can apply for the 2nd working holiday visa.. but I'm just wondering what can you do after that to extend your stay? I know you can get sponsored but can you only get sponsored if you're in a skilled job? as I don't really qualify under any of the jobs listed under the skilled jobs .. just wanting a bit of advise, thanks