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  1. I am moving to Australia in 2017 and I want to work in Education in the IT/Database side of things. Does anyone know which School Information Systems are in use in Australia? I believe in state schools each state has it's own system. I have found out that Queensland uses OneSchool. Does anyone know what is used in other states? Does anyone know of any other systems that are used by the private schools? Any info would be appreciated as I want to work in this field. Thanks
  2. teachingcouple

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    Hello February gang! WE GOT OUR VISA GRANTED!!! Thanks for everyone's help, we couldn't have done it without this website and all the fantastically helpful people here. :wink:
  3. teachingcouple

    189 visa lodged February 2015.

    In terms of replies, they have been getting back to us after 8 days. We've been emailing them a lot about various things.
  4. teachingcouple

    189 Visa Lodged January 2015

    Thanks Maggie, I've already emailed them the confirmations but uploading them to the immiaccount is a good idea, I will do that as well. We are in Egypt at the moment, and there is no such thing as a booking confirmation or receipt. Everything is done over the phone or in person at an office here. They will have to take our word for it that we have made the bookings! I will try to call them first thing to explain our situation. I'm a bit more calm now after getting all our other checks processed.
  5. teachingcouple

    What timezone is DIAC GSM office in, in Australia?

    I think it is ACT time but I'm not sure
  6. I urgently need to call the DIAC GSM main office first thing Monday morning to clear up some issues regarding adding my newborn son to our 189 application. Due to timezone differences, I will be calling in the middle of the night for me. Does anyone know which state and/or which timezone it is in, so I know exactly when to call? I want to avoid being awake all night as I have to work. Thanks in advance
  7. teachingcouple

    189 Visa Lodged January 2015

    Hey January buddies, I need advice I'm tearing my hair out I applied mid January, but then my son was born end of February. I uploaded a 1022 form telling them, but they requested medicals and police from me and my wife at the start of April. I emailed them telling them I uploaded the 1022 form and had a child, and they replied back saying that we should wait to do the medicals for my son till after he gets his passport. Anyway, I relaxed and thought that we could do our medicals at the same time, but I thought I'd email DIBP to check. It took them ages to respond but they just did, saying that we DO need to do our police and medical checks done within the 28 day limit..... AND THAT IS IN 6 DAYS! We're never going to get them all done in that time. They've said they want receipts and proof that we've booked them, but if they are not happy with the information provided they will proceed with the application without them.... which I guess means rejection????? I'm panicking like a madman. I really want to call them to talk to them about this, but they're shut now and won't open till Monday morning!! AAAAARG! Advice please?!?!
  8. teachingcouple

    189 Visa Lodged January 2015

    P.S. Thanks Peachy and Tavio for keeping me sane!!! :hug:
  9. teachingcouple

    189 Visa Lodged January 2015

    Hey DJ Fuddy, did you just scan and upload your birth certificate as well (not certified?), because the upload page reads like that one should be certified? And this would make sense as this is the only document that any assessing board has not seen yet. Thanks
  10. teachingcouple

    Visa 189 migration advice please

    Hi Louise I just applied for a 189 visa myself. It's really not that tricky, and there are loads of posts on here to help you out. You need to get his skills assessed. For me as a teacher that was through AITSL but it sounds like you need to go through the TRA (whatever that is!). It took me a few months and about 500 quid to do. Do this first as it can take time. Then you need to do an IELTS or equivalent english test. I needed "superior" english (at least all 8's and above) to get the points I needed, and ended up doing it three times. It was a massive pain! After I had those two things completed I had 65 points and could apply for the EOI (expression of interest). I received an invitation to reply a few weeks later (dates are in my sig). After that you have to apply and pay for the visa. This took us a couple of hours! You then get through to a page that lets you upload documents. Each application is different so you need to work out what documents you need to upload. You will be assigned a case officer who will then tell you if there are any more documents you need, or just give you a grant if you have already uploaded everything. You don't actually need to do the police and medical checks until you get a case officer, but you can do them before to speed things up. Your last entry date into Australia to activate your visa will be 1 year from the earliest check, so bear that in mind. How quickly you upload everything depends on how much of a rush you are to get to Australia. For us, as I'm mid contract in a job and my wife is about to have a baby, we're not in a rush. Hope that helps!
  11. teachingcouple

    189 Visa Lodged January 2015

    We received our invitation! We just applied! It's actually happening! Exciting and scary to drop nearly 3k GBP in one go for a visa.... Now we gotta start uploading documents..... I'm correct in thinking these one's don't have to be certified, is that correct?
  12. teachingcouple

    HELP! Received EOI but can't apply for 189 on immi website!

    OK I'm an idiot.... I was pressing "go to my account" instead of "next" That'll teach me to use 40" screen! It was on the other side! D'oh!
  13. Hello We just received our invitation to apply for a Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent) visa from the EOI. I just followed instructions and logged into the https://online.immi.gov.au site to apply. However, the account was blank. I pressed on "New Application" and got a list of visas, however, Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent) is not there: I thought that General Skilled Migration Visa (Applicant) (476,485,887) might be correct so I tried that, but then when I get through to the next page, I cannot tick the box for the Skilled Independent visa: I have been on this forum lots and have never read about this problem before. Please can anyone tell me what to do! Thanks
  14. teachingcouple

    189 Visa Lodged January 2015

    Yeah I have read that you have 60 days from when the EOI is offered to actually submit your application. I'm not sure what happens after the 60 days and if you can do another EOI. We are still waiting on our EOI... it's been over two weeks now since we submitted... starting to think they don't want us....
  15. teachingcouple

    189 Visa Lodged January 2015

    Still waiting for a response to the EOI..... Whilst we wait I have a question... What documents are they going to ask me to upload, assuming I am selected? Also, do those documents have to be certified or can they just be scans? We're seeing our midwife tomorrow so we could get her to certify them if necessary. Thanks!