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  1. cassie23

    Wonder what your thoughts are guys.

    I moved to the Redlands and would highly recommend. Perfect distance into the city and a beautiful, relaxed place to live. Excellent schools and a great area for children. Not a huge commute to the city (40mins), GC or SC and so much to offer within a 2hr driving radius. Raby Bay is a beautiful little spot, it is a harbour with bars and cafes in Cleveland. This is where the ferry leaves to go to North Stradbroke island (20minute ferry). Ormiston, Wellington Point and Redland Bay are lovely spots to live!
  2. Seems to be ok to drive in Queensland on my overseas licence. http://www.qld.gov.au/transport/licensing/driver-licensing/overseas/driving/index.html what happens when you get points though?
  3. Hi, I have just received a speeding ticket, fine and points in the post (69km in a 60km zone). I'm living in Brisbane currently applying for a RSMS permanent residency visa, will this affect my application? Also, I don't have an Australian driving licence or an international one - I drive a car supplied by my host family (I'm currently an au pair). The points went on to their licence, they are not stressing about it at all as the speeding was so minor. I will call to say it was me driving though am I supposed to have an international licence even though I am British? Does anyone know the best way to apply for one while I am here? Thanks!
  4. cassie23

    no borders, migration agency costs? rsms and 457

    Yes visa costs include both agency fees and the visa itself. The one based in Switzerland contacted me through this site, and they were extremely knowledgeable on my visa options and answered all of my questions in extreme detail I would need to check if the company (crossing borders) is MARA approved, her fees were only $8000 for the RSMS. I don't know who runs No Borders, there is a woman dealing with my case at the minute- she has done a lot of research into my employer's business details to make sure they are right for the visa - however I still haven't been asked to pay or sign anything yet.. so don't know who to go with... I contacted Go Matilda, have to send my CV, however on their site there was no mention of RSMS visas. Thanks!
  5. cassie23

    no borders, migration agency costs? rsms and 457

    hi! Yes I have a willing sponsor. I came out as an au pair, been here for 6 months. I have a degree in construction engineering and management from the UK. My family I am staying with own a building company in Warwick (regional) and they have offered me full-time work with them! Haven't started the application process yet, I've just got my head around the visas available and which ones apply to me (after 3 weeks of trawling the immi website!) I just hope everything goes through and gets granted ok! There is another agency in Melbourne which have given me a cheaper quote (Australia Here We Come), and one in Swizerland! just not sure which one to go with! and what's the best value for money, I really want good service, just not to be ripped off.
  6. Hi there, I am beginning the process of visa application. I have been in contact with a few agencies to sort this for me... I'm in Brisbane atm on my 1st WHV. I have been quoted $10,000 for an rsms and $6000 for a 457 by no borders migration in Brisbane. I want to get the best quality of a migration expert, i'll need to work hard to find the funds though. Just wondering if anyone knows the best agency to go though and costs?
  7. cassie23

    which visa??

    Thanks so much for the info. I'm pretty sure my construction work (residential construction) and the area (Warwick) meets the requirements for the 2nd WHV. That's good to know that I can apply for it right up until the end of August. if I need a bridging visa, how do I get that? or is it just issued to you automatically? I read up the immi site and processing time is 21 days so hopefully that's all it takes. Does my company need approval to be able to sign off my regional work? They haven't done this for anyone before. If so, what would that involve? And thanks for informing me that I can work for the same company for six months on 1st WHV and 6 months on 2nd WHV How does my employer become permitted to be a sponser for the 457 visa? You might be right in saying that I should just go for the 189 independent visa.. How do these two visas compare with costs? I hope my points stack up well for the Points Test.. I'm 25, British, degree in Construction Management, 30 months experience in the UK, will have more construction experience here in Australia by the time I submit visa, no dependents... I will start getting info together for a skills assessment too which will be beneficial. I just noticed a 186 Employer Nomination visa, haven't looked into this one but will need to see what this one involves and how it compares to the rest re. costs and info required from me and employer. Thanks, Cassie
  8. cassie23

    which visa??

    Thanks for the quick replies everyone so much appreciated!! I have a degree in Construction Engineering and Management, and the job i'm starting is in residential construction where i'll be assistant project manager/engineer. This will be a long term job so I need to work something out to stay Construction Project Manager is the first job listed on the occupation list I'm guessing I will most likely need a skills assessment for my qualifications and experience (30 months in construction management role in the UK). Im not sure what all I need to do for that will have to research it. Do you know what the requirements are for the company who are willing to sponsor me? thanks
  9. cassie23

    which visa??

    My degree is in Construction Engineering & Management. I think my quickest option is to get the 2nd year WHV at the minute and then this will give me time to gather all the documents and skills assessment I need for whichever visa I can get next... I just don't know which one... Do you know what the employer is required to do for the 457 visa?
  10. Hi, Does the company i'm doing my 3 months regional work with need to be specifically 'registered as a company who can sign off 3 months work for visas' or can any normal registered company do this? my company is a registered builder however they have not done this for anyone before. do they have to be permitted to do this before they can sign my employment authorisation form? thanks
  11. cassie23

    which visa??

    hi there, I would like to know which visa is the best for me to apply for so that I can live in Australia permanently. I am 6 months in to my 1 year working holiday visa. I will start a new construction job that I am qualified for in April. I have realised that 3 months regional work in construction will allow me to apply for a 2nd year working holiday visa. I will have this by June/July. Will this allow me to apply for the 2nd year in time for the end of August when mine expires? Or would the 457 be better, as this would give me 2(?) years?? I think the Expression of Interest site states this doesn't need a skills assessment is this correct? My employer will consider sponsoring me also, in this case what would I need to do and by when? I want to apply for the permanent visa in the mean time, so this will give me enough time to gather all the documents and more experience I need to apply for permanent residency. Thank you in advance!!! Any replies extremely appreciated!!