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  1. Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

    Just a quick update for whom still interested to track the processing time. We received our grant letter today. So 18 month and few days. We finally got there.
  2. 2008? When I was doing my study, Melbourne is my place of usual residence since. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Rammygirl, thank you for the information. I got my PR in Feb 2014 and citizenship in Dec 2015. So does it start counting from Feb 2014? Thank you again!
  4. Thank you for the information.
  5. Hi all, just a quick question, hopefully someone can shed some light to this maybe stupid question, thank you in advance. I am currently sponsoring my partner for the 820 partner visa. My parents also intend to move to AU to live here. Would I be able to sponsor them? Or the five years sponsorship restriction also apply to non-partner sponsorship visa? Thank you very much!
  6. Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

    Sorry Missblue, I am just back from Holiday. No, no news (other than granting us the bridging visa B). We just realised the Sri Lankan police check is expired, so will call them once we upload the new one. No point to call them before hands.
  7. Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

    Hi Missblue, No. No one contact me to request more information. No notification of grant either. We hope to hear something (hopefully by December) before we have to travel! Hopefully no news is good news. Will definitely let you know if we hear anything from the department.
  8. Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

    Quick updates - applied my Bridging VISA B, received grant notification 7 working days later. Rang the department (due to the urgency of bridging visa B) and asked for an update of 820 application - processing time is now increased to 16-18 months. But immigration website still showing 12-15 months. So not sure what's the story. No news from the department yet, will ring again if we hear nothing by end of this month (15 month mark).
  9. Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

    I applied online, not sure which office. We received a generic email in April ask us to upload all the necessary information if we haven't done so. And that was it. We did all the police check, medicals and form 80. Everything should be there. Just have to sit tight and wait I guess. Very disappointed, but nothing we can do other than waiting. I hope your process is more smooth than our one:notworthy:
  10. Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

    :no: I rang again today, hoping for a nicer lady to provide me with more detail. And guess what! I will hit the 14 months mark by this Sunday, we have been told that no case officer is allocated yet! :cry:I wont ring them again until next month:cry::arghh:
  11. Kcec826 thank you for the information. But under subclass 600, should I chose tourist or family sponsored? It seems like family sponsored is more complicated? (deposit bonds etc.) But are they have the same visa condition?
  12. Hi all, maybe a very stupid question. I am an Australian citizen, my parents want to come and visit me for a while (from China). DIBP's website stated that you can apply visitor visa or the family sponsored visitor visa. What's the difference? My parents intent to stay less than 12 months. Could anyone please tell me the difference and which one would be better? i.e. in terms of difficult of applying and visa conditions. Thank you in advance!
  13. Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

    I did mention that too, didnt really work in my case. So will have to apply bridging B:arghh:
  14. Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

    No update yet, rang immigration - standard reply, in process. In another forum, a person from Philippine applied in early July received grant on 05/10/2016. Probably like you said, has little to do with high risk country, just your luck. :arghh:I need a visa to visit Hong Kong, without return visa, cant apply. Thinking of applying bridging visa B soon!:notworthy:
  15. Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

    I hope so! :yes: