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    Police Certificate from Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    akashif, Thank you very much for your guidance. It would have been really time consuming if i had not come across your thread regarding the PCC from Saudi. I submitted my paperwork for the PCC yesterday and will hopefully be collecting it on Sunday. Thank you once again. :smile: Regards, Danish
  2. dani5h

    Police Certificate from Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    Hi AKASHIF, thank you for such useful information. I am in the same process of getting the PCC's from Riyadh. My letter is ready at the Embassy so i guess my next step will be MOFA (as per your guidance). I hope the next step does not take too much time. Is there any specific department i need to go to in MOFA to get the attestation done? Any more help will be appreciated. Regards, Danish
  3. dani5h

    Recent Vetassess timelines

    Hey Abid, When did you lodge your application for the assessment? I'm just curious as to when the vetassess people will call my workplace.
  4. dani5h

    Recent Vetassess timelines

    Hi Dwarakls, Good to get feedback from someone regarding what to expect from VETASSESS. My agent submitted my application with VETASSESS on the 7th of this month (just 2.5 weeks ago). I guess i sill have to do alot of waiting looking at all the posts by other members regarding it. Can you tell me after how many weeks did you get this verification call? I have submitted for the position of Production Manager (manufacturing). Regards, Danish