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  1. Thanks, I heard new immigrants live in tents(for 4-5 weeks) because it is hard for them to rent an apartment as an new immigrant. Since they don't have a proper address, it makes it harder to get medicare card, tax filing number, driver's license. I appreciate all your advice and time.
  2. Thanks for responding. I will do that. I will try to find some low budget hotels to stay.
  3. Thanks for your advice and time. 1. Does that mean getting the medicare card, tax filing number, driver's license would not be difficult after 6-9 months when I would not be a fresh immigrant who just landed? 2. How can rentals be handled as I hear they also need the 100 point check?
  4. Thanks vickyplum, This is helpful for me and other people who will view this thread later.
  5. Thank you for responding. I heard when you first land, you can use your foreign passport as primary ID for opening bank accounts, renting a place since you are a new immigrant. After that, you can be asked to produce medicare card, tax filing number. So, I thought of gathering the documents and when I come back after 6-9 months, use them for for opening bank accounts, renting a place etc. 1. I am new to this forum, Australian immigration and rules, but does that mean, I can arrive before Aug 1, fulfill my visa condition of entering before Aug 1, get some coffee outside the airport and return home on the next flight. Later on, after 6-9 months, can I use my home country's passport for opening bank accounts and renting an apartment? If so, there is no need for me to stay for a week. I wanted to stay mainly to get the medicare card, tax filing number, driver's license thinking it would be harder after 6-9 months since then I would not be a fresh immigrant who just landed.
  6. I have been granted permanent residency and have to enter before Aug 1 which is around 6 weeks from today. But, I have no employment. Initially, I planned to come to Sydney for a week by taking leave from my current job, apply for a driver's license, medicare card and Tax file number. Also, in the week, I wanted to explore the job market. I don't want to leave my current job in my home country without getting something equivalent in Australia, though I understand it is difficult to secure a position from overseas as employers prefer a local candidate. I was told Sydney may have more positions for IT engineers so planned to come there. I don't know anyone in Australia. I glanced at the useful threads http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/new-south-wales/230105-registering-medicare-sydney.html and http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/new-south-wales/233424-how-much-spend-rent-sydney-single.html and realize getting a Medicare card takes 6 weeks and rents are more than I expected. 1. Where on Sydney can one stay for a week at the budget of 300AUD/week without sharing? I heard it cannot be a place where backpackers stay or a low budget hotel as I need a proper address to which my medicare, tax card will be sent. I am OK staying away from the main city to reduce costs as long as I can take the train and get to the city. 2. Can shared rental places or the ones on Airbnb be used as address for medicare, tax card? 3. What is the approximate time to get a driver's license, medicare card and Tax file number in Sydney? 4. Can I do anything to expedite the process of getting a driver's license, medicare card and Tax file number? I realize it depends on the workload of the agencies, how many people applied ahead of me and few other factors which an applicant like me cannot control. 5. Would coming to any other city like Melbourne or Perth mean quicker processing of these documents? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. As always, thanks to all the posters who generously advise people like me on different aspects of the migration.
  7. Thanks, the fees are separate for my occupation so if I need a recognition letter, it will be an additional charge. I will check with ACS, but I doubt they will respond.
  8. Hi Devvi, Thanks for responding so quickly. I hear the Recognition Letter from ACS required is in ADDITION to skill assessment from ACS for the Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa option. This means I have to pay fee for skills assessment AND another fee for recognition letter. Others tell me only skills assessment should be enough.
  9. Hi Devvi, Thanks for your reply. I did not understand this part. I thought people are are given 5, 10 or 15 points based on their years of employment. I see 20 hours of employment is enough as http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/189.aspx mentions "Working at least 20 hours a week " which means my work as a graduate assistant might count for it. You mean ask for advice on employment experience from ACS? I have the salary slips. Sending the tax forms would be more cumbersome.
  10. Well, getting a priority agent for the case might be incorrect. But, what else is wrong? The time-frame is variable as a lot depends on the slots left in my occupation and need of the Department of Immigration.
  11. Well, I was told that three days ago. I realize agents work closely with case officers for their clients so thought they may know some officers.
  12. Thanks, I will check the agents from Go Matilda, though, I realize lot of people like me on this forum did it successfully on their own.
  13. I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from a U.S. university and am working 7+ years as a Software Engineer. My occupation as per http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule1.pdf is Software Engineer 261313 All the work experience was acquired in the past 8 years. I am currently working in U.S. on work visa. I am single and will be turning 33 in July 2014. I cannot claim points for Australian education, work experience, relative or arranged employment. I understand as an independent unsponsored person I can now only “Express your Interest” to apply for a permanent visa. If Department of Immigration likes my score(65), occupation and my IELTS English results(I have to take the test, but hope I can qualify for the Proficient band and get 10 points) they MIGHT invite me to apply for the visa. I heard the DIAC skill assessment process requires overseas qualifications to be assessed to compare them to Australian standards. Australian Computer Society(http://www.acs.org.au/) issues a letter for that purpose. Then the qualifications are further assessed to see if they cover all the required study for a major in IT. 1. Is the Recognition Letter(additional charge of about 500) for the Bachelor and Master’s degree from ACS required in addition to skill assessment(costing 500) from ACS for the Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa option? I think the skills assessment should cover both, but can anyone please clarify? 2. For evidence of employment, does one need to submit filed tax forms also? Or, would experience letters and pay-stubs suffice? 3. The pay-stubs would be print copies for two employers as they issued only a electronic copy of the pay-stub. Can using printed copies of pay-stubs cause any issues? My Master's degree is from SUNY-Buffalo so I think it should be equal to a Bachelor's degree in Australia. 3. I was working as a graduate assistant(20 hours/week) during my graduate program for 2.5 years. I realize I need to have 2 years of experience to meet suitability criteria for people who have Bachelor Degree or Higher with an ICT(Information and Communication Technology) Major. Page 12 of the Skills-Assessment-Guidelines-for-Applicants.pdf document at http://www.acs.org.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/7319/Skills-Assessment-Guidelines-for-Applicants.pdf mentions "Full-time work is considered to be 20 hours or more per week and must be stated in the reference." but I understand the document might not have been updated. Will the 2.5 years be considered full time employment or pro-rated full time(meaning 1.25 years) as I was working only 20 hours/week? 4. I estimate the typical time frame for applications like mine seems to be about 2-3 years(skills assessment and IELTS 3 months, 3-4 months for clearance certificates, Express your Interest) from the day you apply till you receive the approval of permanent residence? One migration agent mentioned that he can look into getting a priority officer appointed to expedite my case. How does this work? I did not think migration agents had any say in who is the case officer. 5. In the media, there is news about South-East Asians(Indians) being targeted http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_against_Indians_in_Australia_controversy How much of this is correct and should a newcomer be concerned about this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.