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  1. Hi guys, I'm a bricklayer from the uk currently working in queensland and need some advice. I'm working on new build low set houses for a guy who gets the work direct from the home builder. I've always wanted to work for myself and the guy I work for literally just shows me where the next job is and sits at home while I build it, so I wanted to know how I would go about working for these home builders myself? I've heard conflicting information regarding liscencing and paperwork required so just wondered if anybody had any experience in this area and could help me out? thanks steve
  2. I'm looking for work but think it might be wise to diversify my skills, I come from a construction background and I'm thinking about getting a ticket to drive plant, is it worth doing this in the way that are there good opportunities and good pay in this area? Also what would be the best/ most lucrative ticket to get? Thanks
  3. I have been on the gov website to apply for my abn but under the business activity description section the closest option to my profession is apprentice, trade assistant, labourer. So I picked this option and the next page says I'm not entitled to an abn, but there was no option for a trade professional or anything? Not sure where I went wrong though?
  4. Thanks for your reply, so by 'going the abn way' does that just mean being self employed as opposed to being employed full time? Is this similar to cis in the uk having a utr number? And what insurances do you need to get? I assumed you would be covered under the contractors insurances who you work for? Thanks
  5. Just to check, do I need to get insurances as ausborn says I don't and Keithandlinda says i do? Thanks again
  6. What a reply this is a great forum! Thanks so much that is all the information I needed really helpful! Right I've got a lot to do best got on it! Thanks again
  7. Hi guys! I have recently emigrated to oz with my partner from the uk, she starts work on Monday and while I have been a self employed bricklayer/plasterer for the past 7 years I don't nessecarily have to continue in this industry. I'm 26 and quite happy to change careers if necessary. im bright, motivated and confident that I could retrain to go into a different career or even go back into education. I'm just not sure what I should focus my efforts on though with there being different industry and demand here, so if any one who has experience of living here has any ideas or suggestions of a good industry, trade or job I could train for any help would be very much appreciated! Thankyou
  8. Hi guys , My partner and I have recently emigrated to the Gold Coast area, she starts work next Monday and I am trying to determine what I would need to obtain to continue working as a bricklayer like I did in the uk. I'm getting a lot of conflicting information from the net. as I understand it I think I need to obtain a white card (some people say I need blue?). I used to work on site on a self employed basis, so I'm guessing that would be the best way to go here as not many people would be offering employment? if so can anyone tell me exactly what I need to be able to apply for these jobs? From what I've seen on advertised jobs they seem to just ask for white card and abn? Also so would I need to have my skills assessed or anything to work? We came over on my partners sponsored visa so I never needed to get my skills assessed, I'm not sure if I need to do this to enable me to work? any help is much appreciated! Thanks
  9. Stevec88

    forming a plastering gang

    Hi gaz thanks for your reply, Yea ceilings can be a nightmare on your own! That sounds great, what areas do you work in? I will be coming over to australia on my partners sponsored visa in April so have no ABN at the moment but I can sort this out, do you need a white card to work on site? Also so what sort of money can you expect on site in Brisbane? thanks a lot for your reply Steve
  10. Thanks for the reply, great name too! So has your oh needed anything else other than the white card to be able to work? Is just the white card sufficient for site? I hope you don't mind me asking but what kind of money can a bricklayer expect to earn over there? I'm guessing your oh work is on a self employed basis? Sorry for all the questions it's just good to get some facts rather than google hearsay! Thanks again steve
  11. Hi guys I'm new here and would really appreciate a little help! A little bit of background, it has been a dream of my partner and I to live in Australia for years now and although we have started the visa process independently my partner has been fortunate enough to secure a sponsored job in her profession (physiotherapy) in the Brisbane area recently which we are over the moon about! I will be coming across on her visa and firstly wondered what I would need to do to be able to work as a bricklayer over there? I have an nvq 2 in bricklaying so would I need to convert this in some way? I have tried google but all I have found is a lot of conflicting information! Some people say you need blue/white card etc, is this the same if you are employed or on a self employed basis? Im extremely hard working, dedicated and very flexible and would appreciate any information that would help me to find work for when we arrive. Bricklaying is my primary trade but I am also very good at plastering, although I have no formal qualifications for this, any help or advice would be much appreciated! thanks again, Steve
  12. Stevec88

    forming a plastering gang

    Hi Gareth, are you still looking for plasterers? Thanks steve