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  1. ElizaS

    What to buy in the UK before moving to Oz?

    Thanks for all the input guys! And the links are great!
  2. ElizaS

    What to buy in the UK before moving to Oz?

    Great to know, thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm moving to Perth with my hubby and two young daughters in 3 months and want to stock up on goods here before we go. I've heard it can be quite expensive out there, so was thinking of stocking up on cheap toiletries etc. Can anyone tell me if it's worth buying loads of sun cream because its pretty expensive in the UK, and I was hoping it might be cheaper there? And also anything else you think I should take? Thanks!
  4. ElizaS

    Teaching jobs in Perth Vs Brisbane

    Hi Sammy, Thanks for the advice. I am a design and technology teacher specialising in Food and Textiles. I have the 189 skilled independent visa. I think it may have to Perth then!
  5. Hi, I'm a secondary school teacher looking to move to Oz at the end of April (start of second term) this year. I have not yet decided where out of Perth/Brisbane, as I want to know where it's more likely I'll find work (permanent or casual). I have tried contacting teaching agencies, but the outlook is not good. I also have other experience in retail and admin that I am happy to do. I heard the economy is good in Perth, with lots of work available? Please help me decide! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks