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  1. Hey all, I've just moved over to Aus on the Working Holiday visa. I'm applying for permanent jobs, and have been told by one interviewer that I could offer to pay for my own sponsorship. Two questions: How much would it cost me to pay for my own sponsorship? What does a company need to do/have in order to be eligible to sponsor an employee? Any links to the relevant info on the net would be brilliant! Thanks in advance, Fi
  2. Hi Poms in Oz! I'm excited to be moving to Melbourne next week on a 12-month working holiday visa... However, I'm a bit confused as to what kind of insurance I'd need when I go out there. I've been told I'd need an annual policy, however have found that a lot of these limit trips to 31 consecutive days three times a year. I've spoken to one person who said that she was landed in serious debt when she was living out there and broke her arm, because she didn't buy insurance before she went out. Can anyone help? Thanks! Fi
  3. Hi, I've arrived at this forum after conducting exactly the same search for Melbourne ('commercial property guardian', 'vacant property guardian'). The reason I'm searching (and believe that this kind of thins *must* go on) is because a friend of a friend said that when she was in Melbourne about 10 years ago, a couple of her friends were acting as vacant property guardians for a wing of a hospital in Melbourne - she said that each wing of the hospital had a guardian in it because each wing could potentially be squatted/vandalised. I've got a few landscape architect friends in Melbourne who I've asked to enquire for me - landscape architects are all up on and into sustainable living and utilising empty city spaces, so I thought that might be the right circle to ask in. Anyway - if I get any further, I'll post what I find out here on this thread - if anyone else has found anything more out, it'd be great if you could share your findings too!