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  1. You probably won't be granted a tourist visa immediately following a working holiday visa, since the purpose of the WHV is primarily to have a holiday (not to work). I think after you've been here a year or two they assume you've had plenty of time to holiday, and there may also be concerns that you plan to continue working on a tourist visa. They've also been known to reject people for visitor visas if they suspect the visa is being used to live (rather than holiday) in Australia and/or to be onshore to apply for another visa, which sounds like exactly what you plan to use it for. Having said that, if you're willing to be a bit devious, you could apply for a visitor visa onshore, which means you will get a bridging visa, which will give you 28 days to leave the country if your visitor visa application is rejected. That might give you enough extra time to get your invitation and lodge an application for the 189 visa onshore. As others have suggested, you should probably speak to a migration agent.
  2. Ltrain

    Invites 31st August?

    A couple of people on another forum emailed DIBP and got replies saying the round will happen tonight at midnight instead, due to "technical issues."
  3. Ltrain

    August Invitiation Rounds

    There was an invitation round on August 3rd. As you say, they haven't yet announced the August round dates, so when the second one will be is anybody's guess
  4. Ltrain

    Tourist visa (evisitor) after student visa

    Thanks for the advice. What sort of research do you suggest? I haven't been able to find any information online at all, which is why I called DIBP. Her answer was more detailed, but I abbreviated it (she listed things i could provide as evidence, such as what I plan to do while in Australia, letters from friends whom I will be staying with and so forth. Unfortunately I don't own property or have a job offer back in the UK, so it's harder to come up with evidence that shows I have links to my home country and will be going back...). I'm not sure what else I can do other than provide as much evidence as possible and hope for the best. I have asked my university for a letter stating that I am graduating and giving the dates of the ceremony, so I hope that will help. It seems common for universities to advise international students who want to stay for graduation to get a tourist visa, so it seems like that should be a legitimate reason for them to grant it. I would welcome any advice though.
  5. Ltrain

    Tourist visa (evisitor) after student visa

    In case it helps anyone in the future, DIBP said it shouldn't be a problem, but could take longer to decide my application (up to ten days) and I should provide plenty of evidence of what I plan to do in Australia and proof of funds etc.
  6. I'm currently in Australia on a student visa which is expiring soon, and would like to stay a bit longer to see more of the country and visit friends. Potentially I might also go to my graduation ceremony, which doesn't take place until well after my student visa expires, but I am not too fussed about that. I've heard that it's not uncommon to stay on a bit longer as a tourist after a student visa, but I am slightly paranoid about my application being rejected. My intention was to leave my things here and go to New Zealand for a couple of days to apply for the evisitor offshore, but if the visa is not granted and I can't return I will have a problem as all my worldly possessions will be in Australia. Has anyone here had any problems with getting a tourist visa following a student visa in the past? Is there anything I can/should do to help my chances of getting the evisitor? I am currently on the phone to DIBP (29th in the queue!) but hoped maybe someone has some experience with this. I obviously don't plan to work, I have plenty of funds to keep me going for several months, and have a flight back to the UK booked already. Thanks in advance for any advice
  7. Ltrain

    EOI confusion

    Did you ever find out the answers to your questions? I have just submitted my EOI, but I was unsure about whether it would be Bachelors degree (Other) or Bachelors degree (Business, etc). I was also confused about what to put as the 'course name' as there isn't really a course name, so I said 'Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA)'. Any thoughts on whether this is correct? Any other ACCA members out there who might be able to shed some light please?
  8. Ltrain

    ACCA skills assessment - membership type?

    Thanks for confirming! I have heard the word 'associate' thrown around, but I've never seen it on any official ACCA things, so I wasn't sure...
  9. Ltrain

    ACCA skills assessment - membership type?

    Yes, I am fully qualified, with a membership certificate and everything :smile:
  10. I have gotten lots of useful advice from reading the forums here, so I'm hoping someone can help me with a rather silly question. I will be applying for a skills assessment with the ICAA in a few weeks & the application form asks for 'membership type' as I am a member of an accounting body. I have only recently qualified with the ACCA and everything I have from them just says 'member.' Are there any other ACCA folks out there who know if 'member' is the right answer? I don't know how strict they are and I don't want to be rejected for frivolous reasons. Many thanks!
  11. Ltrain

    ACCA Affiliate points for 190(independent)

    It's what I was told by a migration agent, and by the professional body that does the skills assessment, so I'm assuming it's reliable
  12. Pretty well thanks! It was quick and easy and the driver was very professional. So the experience so far is not bad. Just hope it gets there in one piece
  13. Ltrain

    ACCA Affiliate points for 190(independent)

    I feel like I'm missing something, but yes, it sounds like that would work if you didn't want to become a member. As long as you've checked that the Oxford Brookes degree is sufficient for the skills assessment
  14. Ltrain

    ACCA Affiliate points for 190(independent)

    You need to finish the exams and the PER (and ethics module) to become a member. Only once you are a member will you get a positive skills assessment. You can't get a positive skills assessment as an affiliate because you're not yet a member.
  15. Ltrain

    ACCA Affiliate points for 190(independent)

    When you finish the ACCA qualification you become a member, which is equivalent to an Australian bachelor's degree for migration purposes. As affiliates are not full members, I thought you were asking whether you could get a positive skills assessment before finishing ACCA. Sorry if I misunderstood.