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  1. Well, Its bit weired, but It seems I have to reply it myself. Just browsed thru other websites and did as required. ------------ After application is lodged, immigration sends an auto generated email, acknowledging the application submission. Then we need to login again to the evisa site of immigration and click on the applied application. This time a new page is displayed with documents uploading links. We need to upload documents ther.
  2. I got the invitation to apply for 190 visa. Started the application myself and went upto last page. I couldnt find any pages asking to upload documents (i.e., assessment, passport, qualifications etc.) except one page asking to upload national identification certificate. Does it mean we dont need to upload anything else - because they were already there from skillselect ? Any ideas please ??
  3. biswas25

    When do we get EOI after having state nomination ?

    Thanks guys. I got it just in couple of hours.
  4. Its been almost 1 year ?? Something might be wrong. Is your friend checking status of application online ? I strongly suggest to mail them asking what happend to his application. Normally it doesnt take that long. And they dont mind replying one mail in such case.
  5. My application for state nomination is just approved. I certainly know, I will have to wait invitation from EOI to apply for the Visa now. So can anybody please suggest how long it will take to get EOI invitation after having state nomination ? Does it go to the same frame as the process of 189 or in different way ?