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    186 visa, resignation before 2 years expired

    You could always ask to extend your parental leave, you can ask for a 2nd year. If you were hoping to stay home for another year, this might be a solution that will work for you and your employer. Daycare is a lot easier to find after a child is over 2 as well. Daycare is really good for kids and their development and they really enjoy it,, when you decide they are ready to go to daycare, and they are settled you can go back work.
  2. Escape from drizzle

    Help with 189 Application

    Try the PTE it's supposed to be easier for native speakers.
  3. Escape from drizzle

    13a plugs

    I am looking to change a few the plugs on a few extensions leads before we make the move. I am able to get hold of 10a rewireable plugs but I am struggling to work out what to do with the 13a extension leads. I am moving to VIC so really would like to get this sorted before I go, what have people done regarding rewiring thier larger electrical items upon arrival?
  4. Escape from drizzle

    CO assigned/medicals requested

    We were in a similar situation, we wanted the visa grant to be after a certain date so we could go to my brother in laws wedding, without having to take a visa validation trip or move and fly back for the wedding. We managed to delay the visa issue date by six weeks from the request from the CO, which has given just enough extra time (we fly 2 days after the wedding) I posted the police checks and got proof of postage on the last day of the 28 days, it was sent 2nd class and the lady at the post office kept it to one side until the post for that day had been collected to delay it further. The medicals were booked for a couple of weeks after the 28 days, but emailed conformation of medical booking and proof of postage to the CO and had no problems. The visa was issued on the date of the first police check.
  5. Escape from drizzle

    IELTS results - can you use two different certificates to get 20 points?

    I thought as much just wanted to double check before I booked another test.
  6. I have just received my IELTS results, and Listening 8.5 Reading 8 Writing 7.5 Speaking 9 This was a second take as a failed to get all 8's the first time Listening 8 Reading 7 Writing 8 Speaking 8 My question is could I claim 20 points for language on this basis, has anyone had a similar issue? Or to I really have to take the test again.