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    Looking to meet people brissy

    Hey Ashley me and my girlfriend 23 and 24 have recently moved to hope island as I have just got a sponsorship, we are keen to meet new people who are into the same sort of hobbies. We are very active and love water sports. Give me a message if your interested in meeting up. Sam
  2. SamC123

    Visas after working holiday?

    hi my names Sam. I'm currently on my 2nd working holiday visa. Living up on the qld border with my girlfriend. My visa runs out in December but hers ends in September 2016, We are planning on driving around oz after we have saved up. I am looking into visas after December, but it's confusing. Is there anyone here who had a working holiday visa and got a tourist visa afterwards? Or any other visa I can get
  3. Ok pal thanks for the advice much appreciated I'll get the assessment done ASAP how do u do it? Through the immi site? And I'm scoring 50 I need to get the test done but I'm not the best at written it's my weak point
  4. Yeh I'm in nsw they arnt but sa are I don't meet the 60 points tho I'm getting 50 points at the moment does this still matter if your getting a state sponsor?
  5. Yeh I can pass the skills assessment as I'm fully qualified I just need a company who will sponsor me
  6. hi I have been in Australia for 4 and a half months now, I got a job as a carpenter as soon as I got out here and my boss said he will sponsor me a few weeks into it, but time has gone by and every time I asked him about it he said yeh come see me tomorrow ect... times running out now and basically he isn't sponsoring me he's just been stringing me along. does anyone know of any companies who offer 457 visas for carpenters? as I am really struggling to get a job with a sponsorship included.
  7. SamC123

    21 years old what's there to do at night!

    No I'm scared of the dark...
  8. SamC123

    21 years old what's there to do at night!

    Miss type I'm 21, not much of a difference lol
  9. Hi, I'm 22 and just recently moved just north of Newcastle, I love it here but the only thing is there's nothing to do at night it's like a ghost town for people My age I can't find any one! I been to the local rsl and find me self drinkin a good few at night haha. It's the only thing to do. If there's any one that knows of any groups that get together or if there's anyone that wants to go discovering with me let me know .