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  1. julianpaultucker

    189 Visa Lodged October 2015

    Got invited to apply on the 8th Oct. Submitted application 20th Oct. Visa grant yesterday (18th Nov)!! Woooohhooo. Good luck everyone
  2. julianpaultucker

    189 Visa Documents Uplaod

    Hey all, Paid the visa fee this morning................eek! question regarding upload of documents online: Do they have to be certified copies, scanned and uploaded or is just a colour scan of the original ok to uplaod? Cheers!
  3. julianpaultucker

    189 Visa - Related Skilled Employment

    Great thanks very much! I was concerned that even though I have the points, my application would be hurt if the case officer thinks I don't have a job or any experience in my nominated occupation. Hence my reluctance to chose "no". Cheers
  4. julianpaultucker

    189 Visa - Related Skilled Employment

    Thanks Maggie, I have a positive Skills Assessment for my nominated occupation from Engineer's Australia. They also provide an additional service which gives an opinion on skilled employment and its relevance to the nominated occupation. I am worried that in clicking "yes", the Department of Immigration will want me to prove that my work experience is at the same skill level as my Skills Assessment. Confused? I sure am
  5. julianpaultucker

    189 Visa - Related Skilled Employment

    Hi all, Had a question about related skilled employment for the 189 visa. First a little about my situation: Received invitation to apply 9/10/15 EOI claim for 65 points (30 age, 20 superior English, 15 degree qualification) Nominated occupation Mechanical Engineer 233512 (Professional Engineer Skill Level 1) Have been working in Australia as a Mechanical Engineer for the last 2 years, but in Graduate role I therefore did not claim the 5 points for Skilled Employment in Australia as, although my experience is in my nominated occupation, it is not at the same skill level (graduate role). Not a problem as I have more than enough points anyway and have since received an invitation to apply. My question is this: I am filling out the online application form and am unsure whether to select yes to the "related to nominated occupation" question next to my current job on the employment details page. In doing so will I inadvertently subject myself to needing the extra skills assessment? In clicking no, will I harm my application chances? - I have no other professional experience. Just to clarify again, it is related, but just not at the right skill level. I have claimed no points for skilled employment in my EOI. Help and thanks in advance!
  6. julianpaultucker

    457 visa, evidence to support defacto relationship

    Awesome! Good to hear....fingers crossed .....
  7. Hi all, I had a couple of questions regarding necessary evidence to support a defacto relationship for the 457 visa. First, a brief summary of my situation: I am currently working for an Engineering consultancy in Perth, WA, on a temporary residency visa (skilled graduate 476). This expires in Jan 2014, so my employer has agreed to sponsor me. This is great news, as I have been in a committed relationship with an American, whom I met here in Perth in Dec 2012. The 457 visa allows you to include a defacto partner, only needing to prove 6 months co-habitation. It would otherwise be very hard for us to stay together, both coming from different countries and working in Australia. We have been living together for more than 6 months, but have been subleasing, so as a result do not have much evidence to support 6 months co-habitation. What we do have is as follows: Joint tennancy agreement from April - August 2013 (4 months) Signed statement from roomates we were subleasing from, from Aug - Nov 2013 (3 months) Joint bank account statement dating back only til 29/8/13 (4 months) Her as a named driver on my car insurance policy dating back to 12/8/13 (5 months ish) Flight itineraries of holidays together in Asia in June/July 2013 Bank statements with one off transfers to each other for camping trips/holidays dating back to June 2013 Timeline of photos from holidays, camping trips, afl games, photos with her family, skiing trip etc. Summary of my superannuation account showing her as the sole beneficiary in case of my death I think this is enough to prove our relationship, but not enough to prove 6 months co-habitation? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Does anyone think it necessary to include statements from friends/housemates/relatives? I heard it is useful to hold back on some stuff in case they ask for more evidence. Thanks!