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  1. We want to send an old fashioned trunk (120cm x 60 x 60) over to the UK from Sydney and will fill it with memorabilia such as pictures, photo albums and a few other collectibles. It is far too heavy to take on the airplane with us (approx 60Kg) so are thinking of shipping it. However, not sure who to contact for shipping just one item. Has anyone here done this ? Any ideas/advice welcome. Many thanks
  2. Hi, do you have a car for sale too ? Thanks
  3. miw54

    House sitting in uk!

    Haha - well we have had ribbing from some of our own relatives and friends who imply that housesitting is for cheapskates, but actually it is a very smart way of travelling around. I have to admit there is no way we could afford to have travelled the two countries like we have if we had to pay between $100 and $200 per night which we have often had to do. The houseowners are so grateful and we have received lovely gifts from Israel, Budapest, Hungary, Russia, NZ, Spain etc from those who have been able to travel in the knowledge that their home and pets are safe. We've really enjoyed doing it. Something that benefits everyone cant be bad!! Incidentally, we do have our own home too but, in reality, one could make it a full time occupation and live totally rent or mortgage free - very smart I reckon
  4. miw54

    House sitting in uk!

    Hi We have done this a few times in Oz and the U.K. when travelling around. We do a service and in return get accommodation rent free. We have made lovely friends along the way and we keep getting asked back to the same houses. We love animals but don't have any of our own at the moment as we flip backwards and forwards between Oz and the U.K. Therefore it gives us a chance to enjoy the pets too. We have looked after cats, chickens bunnies and occasionally dogs. It's great and everyone is happy
  5. miw54

    House sitting in uk!

    Hi This is what we use: http://www.housesittersuk.co.uk Hope it helps.
  6. miw54

    House sitting in uk!

    Hi Join UK Housesitters. We did and have done house sits in both the UK and Oz. It's only £15 per year. Well worth it as you are sent new listings everyday. Plenty down south too.
  7. Hi Can anyone advise on what happens if someone over 65 who already is drawing his superannuation as an income stream then returns to live permanently in the UK ? This question is in respect of an elderly relative who has been out there for 50 years but has been diagnosed with dementia. His family want him to return to the UK so that they can support him. Would his super be easily transferred to the UK ? Thank you.
  8. miw54

    How to cost effectively spend more time in Oz?

    Hello You could try housesitting. We did that on two occasions and it was great. You have to like animals - we looked after cats (as I adore them) mainly but also dogs and chickens. However, it enabled us to travel to different places and meet some nice people too.
  9. miw54

    eu referendum update

    At least today the voices of the kingdom are united - come on Wales, get in !! :ssign19:
  10. miw54

    Bad Losers

    I can't understand this black and white thinking. People travelled, worked and lived in Europe and vice versa long before we joined the EU. There was no need for visas just greater passport control. Why people think there is going to be a full stop to these things is beyond belief. This will be one of the issues up for negotiation but the EU will be just as keen as the UK to achieve an agreement which benefits the citizens of both sides. As many people on here have already pointed out, the EU is not going to cut off its nose to spite its face. It is the same for trade agreements too. Also, this talk of adopting an Australian style points system has been taken well out of context. The idea is to manage immigration by having some sort of criteria such as required skills, qualifications and good character to avoid the problems associated with uncontrolled, mass migration with no checks. There are other member states keen on this too. It is just a pity that these things could not have been considered without the need for this referendum but, as we are repeatedly reminded, the powers that be in Brussels have just been totally uncompromising. However, they will need to modify their thinking now as to remain so intransigent will have negative effects on their members and their own progress. None of us can truly predict the final outcome of the negotiations but we can either be hopeful and positive or remain angry and negative. It all depends on how you live life.
  11. miw54

    eu referendum update

    I think the media are just not giving space to those who have a positive outlook and who can see the great business opportunities that leaving the EU could present. The ranting and raving is much more newsworthy obviously. I, too, heard and read much more positive views from the business community prior to voting and it is very inspiring when you do listen to what they have to say. I know there is rumour that Article 50 may not be invoked. I can't see how this will happen unless the EU will agree to some preliminary discussions. However, in true dictatorial and uncompromising style ( the reason many voted to leave), they are determined to prevent this. Mr Juncker et al still haven't realised that they are ultimately responsible for the British outcome and the unrest that was already evident within other countries.
  12. miw54

    eu referendum update

    Will Old Blighty be saved by women ? A bit hard on the blokes. However, it could be looking that way and it's surprising what can be sorted by a cup of tea and cake.
  13. miw54

    eu referendum update

    Thank you for your lofty view from 16000 miles away. Or are you another of these lucky folk who have acquired a huge crystal ball from somewhere ??
  14. miw54

    Quite exited about Brexit

    Are you asking a question or making a jab at a spelling mistake ? Two entirely different things methinks !!!