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    Hi all, Before starting in talking about Pain dream, thanks for the forum that sent an e-mail that they missed me as i have not been active. Pain dream those words that was known before as immigration, specially for Africans or other poor countries. How many people dead to get an illegal immigration all over the world to live in Australia, Canada, USA, swizerlands, etc... A lot, they lost their chance to live and their chance for a better life. They even lost a lot of money in case acceptance for their application to immigrate, if they have that ammount of money, why should they leave their country and not open a project that could enhance their life and provide them with good profits instead of debt that make them slaves in order to get it back and also make them suffer during their first steps as an immigrant. That is why it is a pian Dream, That make you separate from your mother country and even your family. That is what was known as Human Rights, There is no right to live,to work and to educate for poor people. But you have to think positive and looking for some people life like Lizzie Velasquez and Amy Purdy on youtube and how they think positive to conquer the surrounding factores and enojy they life. Don't think i am not looking for immigration, i prefer to immigrate but also keeping my dignity or stay home. BR, Optimistic Andrew Youssef