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  1. We are a family of 5 (and a daft spaniel) who are considering a move from the northern suburbs of Perth to northern Sydney, from Manly up to Collaroy Plateau and in as far as Frenchs Forest. Our children are 10, 12 and 15 and the ideal time to move would be over the summer break at the end of this year. Has anyone made the move, arrived recently from elsewhere to that area or moved to elsewhere in Sydney with similar aged children? We'll be looking for independent schools ( Pittwater House and Oxford Falls Grammar are 2 we have looked at) and recommendations for these too would also be appreciated. Next year the children will be in school years 6, 8 and 11. Feedback on life in general with 3 kids in this area would be great. Thank you
  2. Jersey2Sydney

    Perth to Northern (poss. Beaches) Sydney

    Thank you both for replying. I should have said that we have the budget for the area. It's somewhere we have been considering since our PR was granted 8 long years ago! Following a stint in Singapore it's taken us this long to finally make the move properly. We've been watching these suburbs grow in $$$ all of this time....oh, if only we'd bought all those years ago
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    Has anybody made the move from UK to WA recently?

    We arrived in mid-August and as PR we got seats (we are a family of 5) on an official repatriation Qantas flight and flew direct (17hr 35min because had to avoid Afghan airspace!) to Darwin, quarantined at Howard Springs. With 3 children, 9, 11 and 14, 14 days stuck in 2 hotel rooms with no fresh air or space was a deal breaker so we were very happy with Howard Springs. The quarantine there was also a lot cheaper (and we got 5 single rooms - result!) and I was less worried about the children being exposed to Covid in quarantine (in Aug vaxx rates in WA were very low. Covid exposure in quarantine was possible) It was incredibly stressful and expensive but ultimately worth it. Now there are no repatriation flights I can imagine it is more difficult. Flights to the east coast are easy to get but getting a G2G pass to enter WA from outside the state is now almost impossible. It is an ever changing story and I do not envy your situation. Try and stay informed and up to date on Australian covid news. As for flights, try Jennie Bardsley and her team at British Travel in Perth. I know they have been getting people in and out of WA successfully throughout the pandemic. Good luck. https://www.britishtravel.com.au
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    Dogs from Jersey to Australia

    This is a really narrow question but has anyone shipped their dog from Jersey to Australia? I am trying to avoid having to take him cross on the ferry to a shipping agent....the cost and time is prohibitive! Any guidance gratefully received
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    Car Seats - Transport options.

    Child car seats are not classed as excess luggage and are not part of your luggage/weight allocation. They will be checked in separately and do go in the hold so be sure to secure all straps etc. that could get caught and damage the seat. I have travelled with boosters and high back isofix seats and I usually but them in a black bin liner which I then tape shut at the check in desk. Good luck with your move!
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    Dogs from Jersey to Australia

    Amanda - send me a direct message on here and I'll answer any questions you have x
  7. Jersey2Sydney

    Dogs from Jersey to Australia

    Thank you. I was just putting the feelers out there in case someone had moved off island from Jersey or Guernsey to save myself a heap of research! I will be speaking to my vet and getting quotes from most animal shipping companies. I will also be speaking to the airlines locally as it may be that I can fly him to the UK and arrange for a pet shipping agent to collect him from the airport in the UK and then they do their bit from there.
  8. Please can you help me? Are there any/many State or Private (not Catholic) schools that go from primary through to year 12, preferably co-ed too? We are hoping to move to Perth in the UK summer of 2016. We have 3 children. Our eldest girl is 9 and would join year 5 in the UK in Sept2016. Middle girl will be 6 and due to join year 2 in Sept2016. Our youngest, a boy will be 4, almost 5 and due to start in reception - the first year of school in the UK in Sept2016. I know in NSW the ages and school years coincide with the UK but I am unsure of the WA situation. There does not appear to be the breadth of choice as there is in Sydney, though this is the same between many major cities. I have only just started investigating Perth schools. Our moving plans have changed from Sydney to Perth because hubby will need to travel a great deal to Asia so it makes sense. We swung by Perth last summer to activate our visas - a 2 day flying visit! I know a little of Perth of old having lived in Cottesloe for 8 months in 2002 - but it is a different city now - places and suburbs that were desert when I was living there! We are flexible of location and have a healthy budget for renting/buying so schools really are the focus at the moment. Any pointers gratefully received. Thank you
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    How to search for schools in Melbourne

    Dear All, I am trying to search for schools in Melbourne and cannot find any one comprehensive and useful website! I know which suburbs I want to search in but unlike the NSW websites there does not appear to be a complete list on the Australian Schools Directory nor on the City of Melbourne website. The NSW site links to schools individual websites...perhaps Melbourne schools don't have websites though this seems unlikely. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  10. Jersey2Sydney

    How to search for schools in Melbourne

    Thank you everyone - I had found and used all these sites. I think my enquiry was more about find the 'one' website with all the information as comprehensive as the NSW one. But it appears you need to dig a little deeper and cross reference a few sites.
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    How to search for schools in Melbourne

    we are looking to live from St Kilda West, down along the coast through Elwood and Brighton as far down as Sandringham. I am happy to come inland an acceptable distance for schools. Our children currently attend a fee paying co-ed primary but we are happy to look at state schools too - at the moment we only require primary from early learning 4 year old age. That said we like the idea of a straight through school for the children so an early learning through to year 12 is also an option. My main issue is that I cannot find local state school websites....only a few seem to have a 'feature' page on the Australian School Directory. Thank you.
  12. Jersey2Sydney

    How to search for schools in Melbourne

    yes I have used this (tried to) but the information is minimal - no school website links. Thank you though.
  13. Hello! We are moving to Sydney in Sept 2014. We want to live on the northern beaches. We are flexible on location, wanting a good state school which will then dictate where we live. We like everywhere from Manly up as fas as Avalon and across as far as Frenchs Forest! Hubby did a 3 week recc last May and so has some idea of the lay of the land, distances etc. We have also done extensive online research but nothing beats an on the ground, we have done it recommendation :biggrin: We have 3 children, 2 girls who will be 8 and 4 (almost 5) when we arrive and needing to enter the Australian school system in Jan 2015 into the equivalent of UK year 3 and reception. Though I am unsure when the 4 year old will enter school as her 5th b'day is in Feb2015. Does anyone know? Our youngest, a boy will be 3 in Jan2015. We know about catchment areas and the requirement for a school to provide a place if you live within it. We would hope to be able to rent within the catchment of our preferred school/schools. This of course may not be possible but we would prefer a state to a private school (although they currently attend a private school!). So recommendations of good schools in various locations will be gratefully received. We have a permanent visa (skilled nominated subclass 190) and so are not required to pay any school fees. I hope to be able to pick the brains of all who can assist us in the biggest and furthest move of our lives! many thanks, Rachel x
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    Is WDU your guilty pleasure too?

    Umm, yes I think so. It is beautiful. The beaches are truly amazing. As good as many I have seen in exotic locations. But it is small (9milesx5miles)and the winters, though mild and pleasant are long with not much to do. France may be only 14miles away but it's expensive to hop over there or to the other islands. It is clean and safe though so a great place to bring up children. That said we are off to Oz next year, our visas having been granted. We have 3 small children and just want to give them every opportunity. Enable them to know the world is a big place, feel ambitious enough to explore, confident enough to be themselves. This is not something we believe can be achieved in the UK or Europe in the coming years. But I recommend Jersey for a long weekend....spring, summer or autumn xx
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    Visa 190 application without agent

    We used an agent. We are a family of 5, my husband works away and we have 3 small children. We decided that the prospect of getting together all the documents, remembering all the timelines and getting everything right was too much to juggle! The consequences of a wrong box ticked or deadline missed cab be big in time and money (fees are not refunded) The cost was worth it and we judged it as an investment in our future life. If you can justify it as that, as something you really want and so are investing in then I believe it is the best way to go. The entire process took less than 1 year. We received our visas on 1Nov13 ) I will happily recommend our agent. i can PM you her details. She gave us a lot of information before we even paid a penny. Have you decided which of you will be the lead or are you both applying for a 190? Whoever is the lead applicant is the one who sits the IELTS, the other person does not have to. Best of luck whichever route you take x
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    Is WDU your guilty pleasure too?

    I have just set sky+ series record! We too are only interested in the Oz bits :cute:
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    Dogs names ....

    Our 5 year old choc lab is called Peppa - named by our then 2 year old daughter after Peppa Pig! Suits her. Our cats are Izzy and Belle after my hubby said he didn't like the name Isabelle for a child so I gave it to the cats instead!
  18. Hello! My name is Rachel and I am the mum in our family of 5. Hubby Alan and I have 3 children, girls aged 7 and 4 and our boy aged 2. We currently live in Jersey. We received our visas (skilled nominated subclass 190, so we are 'permanent' residents) on 1st Nov 2013 this year and after lots of umming and ahhing we have decided that we will make the move in September 2014. We had considered staying a while longer and saving more money but Alan works in London during the week and a year or two more of the commute were we decided too big a price to pay! There is so much to organise these coming months as I am sure you can all confirm! We want to live in the northern beaches. Alan did a 3 week recce last May and so has an idea of the lay of the land. I lived in Oz for 18months 10 years ago but Australia is a very different country now, the boom years have changed so much! I hope to pick the brains of everyone and anyone who can assist us as we pack up our life in Jersey and make the biggest and furthest move of our lives!! Thanks, Rachel xx
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    Family of 5 moving to Northern Beaches....

    Thanks for your input. Hubby will most likely be working in the CBD and is happy to cycle/walk/bus to the Manly ferry to get to work. He does not currently actually commute in the usual sense of the word, he flies to London on a Monday and returns on a Thursday. We do not live on the UK mainland, Jersey is off the coast of France, 100miles south of Portsmouth/Southampton. We will of course be guided by how far in reality he wants to be from the ferry and how easy that journey may be. That said our school choice and options are very important and will have almost an equal bearing on our location choice. Cheers x .