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  1. Paednurseclaire

    ANMAC - Timescales

    Hi Have a look at my signature it's just over 6 months ago. Mine was delayed as my reference did not meet their requirements )
  2. Paednurseclaire

    189 visa lodged September 2014

    Ahhh sounds like we're in a similar boat. I'm starting the whole ahpra process this week :err: I'm a paeds trained diploma nurse so hoping to be offered the supervised practice. I'm happy to work as a nursing assistant till it comes through though, gives me a chance to try and get my head around the health care system.
  3. Paednurseclaire

    189 visa lodged September 2014

    Fantastic scottishlass!! It's an amazing feeling isn't it! So relieved, we have been sorting all sorts out since we got the news! Looking at mid March for the big move! Whoo hoo
  4. Paednurseclaire

    189 visa lodged September 2014

    I agree, give them a call. Or if you are using an agent ask them to call. Hope you get your grant soon
  5. Paednurseclaire

    IELTS question please

    As far as I remember to have to write in straight into the answer booklet I'm afraid. When it comes to time it's really not on your side in the ielts. I struggled getting the content done once in the time allocated. Keep practising, and time yourself especially in the reading sections. There are lots of practice tests out there on the Internet. Good luck
  6. Paednurseclaire

    Is our plan flawed! (Nurse situation APHRA!)

    Hi I've just been through the visa process. As far as I understand your wife dependant upon experience should receive a positive skills assessment from ANMAC. ANMAC take into consideration your qualification and experience and assessed me as equivalent to Australian degree. AHPRA are solely concerned with your qualification. I am DIP he nurse (child branch) and have yet to apply with AHPRA I am hoping to be offered registration with supervision. Is your wife adult trained?
  7. Paednurseclaire

    Medical 189 (PR) - Cancer over 2yrs ago, anyone had similar circumstances?

    Thank you collegegirl we are thrilled. Hats off to George and his team they are tremendous! Actually can't believe that we have the visa. I have to go to work now on a few hours sleep as I've been so giddy since we had the email. So much to do now, as I didn't want to let myself believe that it would all come together. Eek!! :laugh:
  8. Paednurseclaire

    Medical 189 (PR) - Cancer over 2yrs ago, anyone had similar circumstances?

    Hello all. I just wanted to update this thread, just in case in helps anyone else. This morning we received the golden email from our agent George Lombard. 189 visa has been granted! We are over the moon! I hope this thread might help others who have similar circumstances realise their dream. George and his team have been fantastic throughout! I would highly recommend. Many thanks to you all for the advice and support! Australia here we come......
  9. Paednurseclaire

    189 visa lodged September 2014

    Absolutely over the moon to report that we have just received the golden email through our agent! 189 visa granted! Absolutely thrilled! Now things get very real........thanks to you all for the advice and support :biglaugh:
  10. Paednurseclaire

    189 visa lodged September 2014

    Hi Scottishlash I am still waiting too. I used an agent. I am unsure whether I even have a CO. I've just emailed my agent again, it's so frustrating isn't it :daydreaming:
  11. Paednurseclaire

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Hi Jenna I know your query wasn't directed at me. But thought I'd let you know I have used an agent George Lombard, highly regarded and costs are very reasonable. George and his team are based in Sydney. Should be able to find him on a Google search. Good luck :wink:
  12. Paednurseclaire

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has had their medicals referred recently and if so how long was it before it was cleared?! My medical was graded as a B does it automatically go to MOC? Or is this something the case officer does? Thanks for any replies :err:
  13. Paednurseclaire

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Fantastic Martin ! Good luck with the big move now. :wink:
  14. Paednurseclaire

    Official nurses thread!

    Have you thought of doing some online modules to top up, I know Chester university have been accommodating for many nurses that have already made the move.
  15. Paednurseclaire

    189 visa lodged September 2014