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  1. wastepaperman

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    Hiya We have been here for 6 months now in Brisbane and absolutely love it here. Getting our girls into school was easy and we have found the most amazing school for them. I have spent most of our time here just getting settled and meeting with people here. Our business is about to launch in a couple of weeks and we have just finished the website which went live this week. Laws and taxation is not too dissimilar to the UK but you need to obtain professional advice for what ever you are doing. I am just having our terms of trade written at the moment because that is crucial. Our complete process from EOI to Grant was 10 months,and it felt a lot longer ! The waiting is the worst bit. Where are you at now with the process ?
  2. wastepaperman

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    Hi Jay Rocket Good luck with your application ! What State have to applied to ? Where are you from ? What do you want to do here ? i found hardly anyone else on the same visa stream here so i got very little information whilst my application was going through but we got there in the end. Need any help just let me know.
  3. wastepaperman

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    Hi Jackie The visa will last for 4 years from the date it is granted. I've just checked mine for you. The initial entry deadline date is 1 year from when you had your medical, that is why it is important not to get your medical done, till you are asked for it. i arrived late August this year and we are based in Brisbane, Queensland. if you want any more advice i will do my best for you, as there are not many people that apply for this visa stream neil
  4. wastepaperman

    Sub class 188 business innovation criteria

    i have just emigrated to Oz on a Business Innovation 188 visa. if you have any specific questions i will be glad to help as i have gone through this visa process and know it quite well. Let me know any questions and i will do my best to answer them. i did use an agent in the UK for this as i found no help on the forum as not many of these visa's are issued.
  5. wastepaperman

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    Yes, we have till 23rd April 2015 to arrive, which is 1 year from the medical date. How are you getting on ?
  6. wastepaperman

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    Got visa granted on 27.06.14 now that was a long time waiting
  7. wastepaperman

    Car Personal Import Scheme

    can anyone tell me if you have to pay import duty if you bring your car from the UK to Australia under the Personal Import Scheme please ?
  9. wastepaperman

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    Hiya Well we have now been asked for medicals and police checks which are all being processed now. it took 4 months from submitting our full application to being asked for this information. have you had any feedback ? We applied to Queensland. Neil
  10. wastepaperman

    Business Innovation Stream subclass 188

    What visa are you applying for and did you try for the 188 visa ? is it easier to apply for ?
  11. wastepaperman

    Business Innovation Stream subclass 188

    i see that you posted this last year. Did you apply for a business visa and if so how was the process ?
  12. wastepaperman

    Sub clause 188A - Business Innovation & Investment Visa

    Hi Kak i see you havent had any response, same with my question. have you applied yet ?
  13. wastepaperman

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    I have just submitted our visa application on 16th November 2013. i would love to hear from anyone who has applied for the 188 visa and what the expected timeline is on this visa. We put in the expression of interest in September and had our invitation to apply by 16th October 2013. That gave us 60 days to submit our application and we managed to get it all together within 30 days. All of the paperwork was sent to Adelaide and was received a week after our application was submitted.