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  1. kmmr

    Pregnant and emigrating!

    Once the baby is born, does it need a visa? Might be a good reason to be there, rather than wait to get it added to your visa.
  2. kmmr

    Adoption Queries

    I was in a similar position last year, and realised it would be much easier to adopt in the UK than in Australia, even as an Australian citizen. We were very lucky and the last chance saloon IVF worked in January! However, I am not sure how the UK authorities would react to you saying you plan to move immediately, as they can't assess your situation re family support etc when you move. It was a real catch-22 for us. We have wonderful family and friends support in Australia, but nothing here - so we would probably not be assessed as suitable in the UK, but would be fine in Australia - yet they strongly discourage adoption there. I read there were about 70 adoptions in NSW a year, including inter-family adoptions, overseas adoptions and the odd local one. Plus there is a strong emphasis on maintaining a link with the birth parents. One positive is that IVF seems much cheaper in Australia. With the medicare rebate it is a few thousand dollars, as opposed to £3-6k in the UK. We are bringing over some frozen embryos too in the hope we can use then at some stage. Best of luck!
  3. kmmr

    Partner visa

    p.s. you can travel to Australia while waiting, but you must inform your case officer. You must be offshore when the visa is granted, so if that happens to be when you are in Australia you will have to leave quick smart. Processing time was 8-9 months recently, not sure if that would have changed. Don't do medicals and police checks upfront, wait for the CO to ask for them
  4. kmmr

    Partner visa

    I am not an expert at all, just someone who has been through the system recently!
  5. Just thought I would update to say my husband flew out on Wednesday and is now a fully fledged Aussie resident! I'm so pleased. He has left me here in London, and is doing a reccie for 10 days. He spent today with my Mum going to lots of different Northern Sydney suburbs and loved some of the (expensive!!) houses he saw on open days. It's great in Sydney that you can just drop into a selection of houses which are open that day. He is a journalist and actually has a small freelance job tomorrow, so may pick up a few contacts. Very jealous of him seeing all our friends and family, but we will both be over there at the end of the year. Can't wait.
  6. kmmr

    How bad is the flight really?

    My husband loves the flying part! He would happily spend the whole trip staring out the window at the terrain. Night or day he loves seeing the world go by below him. He keeps poking me (I get the middle seat!) to show me something! I switch off my favourite TV shows to say 'yes dear'. He is off by himself next week for a 2 week trip to activate his visa, and I think the flight is the best part for him. He also loves planes, so I have managed to get one leg upgraded on points, so he has spent the last week investigating all the features of his seat and the service to expect. It's quite sweet really. I don't mind the trip. I've done it at least 20 times return, although recently more often at least one leg up the front of the plane. I don't love it, but with a relaxed attitude, a pillow, a change of clothes and lots of TV to watch it passes easily enough. I've recently got my hands on some proper sleeping pills, so next time should be even easier (although... hopefully will be with a newborn.. so maybe not!)
  7. I'm an Aussie heading back to Sydney from London after 8 years, for much the same reasons. Family and also because many of my friends have gone back once they had their families. I have to say I'm very apprehensive about it. I love London, I love the buzz and excitement, even though these days I rarely go out in town. Local garden pubs are fantastic, shopping is great and at least in my area the open spaces and housing is wonderful. And it's all so local and easy to get around. We have a car but just use it for the odd big shopping trip, otherwise I love taking the buses and the tube is very functional. I also love the work opportunities, and the fantastic multiculturalness of London. In my industry I'll have to take a big pay cut, and fight for a smaller number of jobs. I know it's minor, but another thing is that after a number of years you have all the minor irritations of life sorted out. I'm comfortable where to go to get a good tradesman, or to buy whitegoods, or how to get my SkyTV/Boiler/garden wall etc fixed. All my bills are direct debit, and I've got good credit if I want to borrow money. All that simple stuff needs to be re-learned, and you have a whole new world of bureaucracy to understand. And that's before you look at medical stuff. I'm a heavy user of medical services (for a variety of reasons) and I'm not looking forward to re-finding the right specialists, and going through all the tests that every doctor seems to want to do when they start looking after you. Plus paying each time!! The NHS is wonderful in that there really is no cost, and once you work out how to manage the red tape, it's efficient and effective. Anyway! I'll be back later this year, and just have to look at it as a new adventure!
  8. No, but still buzzing after getting it yesterday! Have booked my husband's flights and I've even been extra nice and let him use my frequent flyer points for upgrade on one of the legs. While I stay at home to watch the rain!! I feel I have the raw end of this deal.
  9. kmmr

    Salary halved in oz?!

    Kempy, I think I mentioned last time that your husband really needs to just get his foot in the door, and then things will improve. It need a 2-3yr plan, but the good thing in Australia is that you can progress without a degree, but it will be harder to get started. I've noticed that non-Australian experience seems to be largely ignored, so just be prepared to be patient. I'm accepting that we will have to cut down our lifestyle when we go there. Although I'm quite happy with that, I think I've had my fill of city jobs. I just need to find someone who is willing to pay me a lovely high salary to stay and home and do a bit of craft - ideally beside a beach!! *lives in hope*
  10. Woohoo - grant today! Lodged 25 June in London. And they confirmed my husband got his 100 visa. We have been together for 8 years. Ironically we can't go right now. But hubby is preparing for a nice holiday in Sydney with my family to activate it in a month or so. Then we will move over later, hopefully around Christmas. Very pleased!
  11. Hey all - does everyone know about this spreadsheet? Very useful if you want to obsess further, and helpful to others if you put in your details.. Removed: See Snifters post on next page for correct link.
  12. Good news SJN. You are about 2 weeks ahead of me, so hopefully mine will appear too. Who is your CO?
  13. kmmr

    Wanted Down Under 2014 TV show

    Have they done a Sydney one yet this series? I can't watch it everyday, but I keep an eye on their FB page and it's not always clear where the episode has been shot.
  14. We are off to my hometown Sydney. My husband is the one waiting for a visa. I sort of wish we could go somewhere else as it looks so expensive!! But there is no point in going back for family reasons and then moving to another city.
  15. I never email her. I always write, but she emails back usually. But last time we were told not to get in touch again until the Vida was granted! So we are quietly waiting.