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  1. LadyB

    Visa validation trip

    Where can I get those excess policy? In any insurance agency down under? Online maybe? Another think I'd like to ask someone who had done the validation trip. How to fulfill incoming card that you get on the plane? - Question: "Do you intend to live in Australia for the next 12 months?" - We will be returning home this time. So I guess the answer would be "NO" - Question: "A-Migrating permanently to Australia ; B-Visitor or temporary entrant" - We will be validating our visa and will stay there only temporary. But I guess we should mark "A" anyway.
  2. LadyB

    Visa validation trip

    It's been quite a while since I had written my last post. Almost half a year ago we finally got our 190 visa. :ssign19:We had been waiting for it for a long, long time. And before the end of this year we're going on a visa validation trip. We just cannot wait. We plan to visit Adelaide (our future hometown:cute:), Melbourne and Sydney. And other towns along the coastal way, of course. At the time being I am trying to make a reservation for a hotel for the first few days and a rent-a-car. Regarding rent-a-car and excess insurance - Do you suggest we take excess reduction at rental agency or we take separate insurance? Last one is suppose to be cheaper and covers more things. Can anyone suggest good, reliable and non-complicating insurance agency? Unfortunately we won't be able to look for schools and jobs due to the holidays. But, hey, we'll just have a good time. :cool: So many things go through my mind right now... I cannot even think straight. :smile:
  3. LadyB

    I got my PR. What next?

    Ebrahimmk, congratulations!!
  4. LadyB

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Lordalam, congrats!! You're giving us hope. :cool:
  5. LadyB

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    GarySawers, congrats and all the best!! And keep us posted!
  6. LadyB

    190 January Gang

    Carlyanne87, congrats!!! And cheers! :cool:
  7. LadyB

    190 visa February Lodge Gang 2014

    Wen66, do you really think they can change game rules in the middle of the game and not even get refunds to people who "entered the game" without knowing what could happen? Do you think this is really an option? :ssign2:
  8. LadyB

    190 January Gang

    They measured our heights, weight, blood pressure, listened to our heart and lungs, checked throat, asked about illnesses in our family, made urine test and blood test for HIV. And x-ray, of course.
  9. LadyB

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    I have notified my CO that our evidences of health are on their way to the office in Sydney, as our panel doctor is not using eMedical system. They should be there next week. I hope the process will be as fast as possible.
  10. LadyB

    190 January Gang

    Jupiter19, I hope I'm right. I have just notified my CO that our medical reports were sent to Global Health in Sydney. Will let you know if I was right. Our medical reports should arrive next week and I hope our grant letter will follow shorty after that.
  11. LadyB

    190 January Gang

    Jupiter19, do they have to send the medicals to CO or to the office in Sydney? Our panel doctor is sending all medicals to some office in Sydney. I hope that's ok. And I wish you one nice pregnancy I am editing, since I've found the answer. Medical results should be sent to Global Health office in Sydney. http://www.immi.gov.au/gateways/panel_doctors/conducting_medicals/where_to_send_australian_visa_medical_results/
  12. LadyB

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Pn15n, congrats! I lodged my application at the end of December and received an email from CO last week asking for evidence of health. I can almost see my finish line. :wink:
  13. LadyB

    190 visa NOVEMBER 2013 Gang

    Moobobs, congratulations!!
  14. LadyB

    December 189 visas!!

    I submitted two other documents on 10th and they are "received". But my IELTS, which I submitted in December is still "required". Strange.
  15. LadyB

    Skill Select / State Sponsorship South Australia

    It's been one month for me at the end of last year (Oct-Nov).