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    Received is sort of an indication that CO has been allocated and downloaded your docs for the review. Mine got received status and few days after got a grant email Since you have uploaded all the required docs, your first email from CO should be grant notification. Have you uploaded form 80 as well?
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    189 Visa Lodged Gang

    Visa granted on 20 Feb IELTS results 29 Nov First invite with 65 points - 3 Dec Ignored first invite as I was not interested in collecting docs for experience points Applied for new EOI on 9 Jan 2014 for 60 points Invited on 27 Jan 2014 Visa application submitted 27 Jan 2014 All the docs uploaded including PCC and form 80 on 28 Jan 2014 Medicals on 6 Feb 2014 Status in system changed to docs received on 13 Feb Grant email on 20 Feb (no correspondence from CO)
  3. Hi I have lived in countries other then the country of my passport for last 25 years Will I still need to obtain PCC from the country of the passport for Australian immigration purpose? Appreciate if anyone could share their experiences on this Thanks
  4. Hi All I have assessed my qualification from CPAA for Accountant under the previous arrangement where the outcome was considered to be valid for 5 years Just wondering if the assessment will be still considered to be valid under the current requirements where we are required to revise every third year? Any one experienced similar situation? I have lodged the application on 11 June 2010 and assessment was issued on 12 August 2010 as an Accountant General