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  1. Hi Folks, Trying to understand how Oz income tax works. Is it like here in the UK?, that it will be taken out automatically from you monthly payslip? or you have to pay it annually lump sum at the end of the tax year? - Does Oz government work your tax out and require your company employer to deduct it from you wages as accordingly? - Or is it a case that every person in Aus has an accountant to do their tax return forms? how much are accountants for this purpose? - Do superannuations get taken off automatically too off your wage slip? what if you are only temporary and return to UK after 2 years do we get back this super payment sum? - What other deductions are likely to be taken of your income? is it just income tax and superannuation? I know I can read in detail all about this on the Oz Gov website, but what I'm really looking for is top line answers from those in this forum with people's true experience to say how it really is. Would really appreciate any info or advice, thanks in advance.
  2. I have a hard line view I'm afraid, if culprits have caused or inflicted horrific injury or death, then yes I believe they deserve any reciprocating torturous punishment and I would go as far to say let the victum's or the surviving victum's relative have the choice whether they carry out the torturous punishment if it helps them settle their grief or pain. In respect to torturing for extracting information against potential crimes, I am alittle grey on that, simply because at that stage the person has not committed the killing or the pain of the crime. But I do see the merits of 'prevention is better than cure' in that scenario and could endorse the torture method if it meant saving the lives of many thousands. Because when you think about it, what is the morality of one person suffering from a torturing session against the morality of him having killed thousands of innocent people. I know I would rather that we tortured him and saved thousands!! :sad:
  3. Would be interested to read that response of yours!? just curious why you would feel uncomfortable? its a free world with freedom of speech? I do think the response to this would be dependent on whether you are religious or not!? have a guess whether I'm religious or not :wink:. Personally I think torture should be the reserve of the victum's choice and decision (or in some cases the surviving victum's relatives) and permissible only in the most heinous of horrific crimes such as murder or rape. Is it wrong for the perpetrator to experience their own crime inflicted upon themself? I know I may have open a can of worms (like nearly cautiously avoided), but we are all entitled to our opinions and it is interesting to understand from other people's angle, if anything it can open a debate to broaden perhaps my views, but as it stands, I make no bounds that I would happily torture someone who has committed a horrific crime of murder or rape on anyone I loved.......
  4. ausHWC

    Using UK driver's license in VIC?

    Yes this is correct, you only need a VIC driving licence if you are on permanent visa. Read the link below: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/licences/renew-replace-or-update/new-to-victoria/overseas-drivers
  5. ausHWC

    money transfers

    I've used Money Corp and generally their rates are better than the big banks. PM me if you want advice on how it works, I've just exchanged large sums of money. By the way, now is a good time to exchange as the pound is strong and you get alot of AUD for it.
  6. ausHWC

    UK passport

    Good to have read this because I thought with our visa being electronically granted via Email I didn't think it mattered what is in the passport? because they should have you visa details on their national systems framework? So I'm guessing when we land in Oz we will be issued a paper visa to attach to our passports?

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    <p><p>We are a family of 4 (2 kids aged 7 and 5). If you in Melbourne, PM me and we can expand our social network!</p></p>

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  8. ausHWC

    Help plz!

    I'm only going to ask what everyone else is going to ask...what are the names...!? If we know we can better advise you :wink:
  9. ausHWC

    If you were Scottish what would you vote?

    My guess is and I am hoping frantically that the Scots vote NO for independence, this is purely for a selfish reason, because the pound value will not crash as badly and we can exchange our funds in the knowledge we have decent gain. To think 6 months ago the pound was a high of 1.80 to AUS dollars and now its struggling at 1.70! gulp ! So please please to all the Scots out there, vote NO!!! :arghh:
  10. ausHWC


    LOL abz, you're not by any chance a landlord? seems like you taking a personal offence to my other post :tongue:. In case you haven't read it recently, I've accepted the good advice of the people in that thread, so I don't know why you think I've got it in for Aussie's?. In respect to this thread it was a tongue in cheek post to see what interesting OZ biscuits would be suggested by people living in OZ, that goes well in tea. So your misunderstanding of me making a complaint is somewhat unfounded!? The bit about fair go with the culture, I am looking very much forward to embracing all the wonders and culture of OZ life and the many things it has to offer, otherwise I wouldn't be emigrating in a months time, but your comment suggest that I am not allowed to mesmerise good old British ways ? by what right does that give you to brand me as the type to grate everyone's nerves and tell me to stay back in the UK? you don't even know me? and uncalled for jibe mate, having a bad day on the threads? If anything its people's comments like yours that damages the excitement of new emigrants like me joining the OZ community or using this thread as a source of info and social networking because your so negative and plain rude, I suggest you go dunk your attitude in TEA and reinterpret the meaning of this post before you make said judgemental comments.
  11. ausHWC


    Ok, theres me having my afternoon tea and dunking a delectable McVities digestive into the tea and enjoying my moment of quite, when it occurred to me my life of tea dunking maybe coming to a short end soon when we emigrate to Oz in October (as I never saw digestives being available in the supermarkets when we were in Oz in Feb). My question is, is this going to be the case!? or is there a even better biscuit OZ style that hits the spot with tea dunking ? or is this a favourite British pastime that I have to leave in the UK? :huh:
  12. ausHWC

    Ice bucket challenge, whats the point?

    Makes you laugh at peoples need to be obedient social conformist :no:? if anything it demonstrates the power of social media!!....I've done it myself :wink::embarrassed:
  13. Thanks Folks, Its all very valid whats been said and makes sense, so we'll just have to wait till we touch down and do it the long way but the sure and safe way. Cheers all:wink:
  14. Thank you for the tips and info, all very useful and balances my view of Aussie landlords abit more evenly now, however as you all can appreciate every one's situation is unique and different. In our circumstance, because of our sponsored job we are fixed to a specific location and coupled with our kids schooling tied to that area, we are restricted to a very defined locality as we do not want to have to commute long distances. And basically in that locality there are only ever a few house property that ever fits the bill or comes up at the premium level we want (eg: yes there are plenty of standard 3 bed houses available, but only rarely do premium 4-5 bed house with a good kitchen pops up for rentals in our area), so to a certain extent by default we have a limited choice to a house that fits the bill, hence we are happy to offer on a rental application from abroad going by online photos (I know, I know it is risky, but if there is only ever 1-2 that fits our requirements, hence why we want to secure these properties from abroad, because they go fast). Oh well, just a shame that the rental process in Oz is not Pommie friendly, I guess I have to accept that this is the way it is. :frown:
  15. And oh in case you comment, yes we are considered as perfect renters: - our combined salary is over $200,000 and this is secured sponsored with letter of support as evidence, so no worries there on rental payment. - we are qualified medical professionals - We are clean and tidy freaks! so will maintain any property very well. So where are we going wrong here?