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  1. Ja55ren

    Moreton Bay College

    Interested to hear an update if possible please??? I’m looking into Ormiston for my kids. thanks jas
  2. Ja55ren

    Sheldon and Ormiston Colleges

    Hi, I came across this post as I’m looking into Ormiston College for my children. They are currently at Sheldon and have been there a few years. I’m not entirely happy with the school and haven’t been since last year but been giving them the benefit of the doubt. My other option is Ormiston College. Just wanted an update if possible please from the previous poster on this post...are you still at Ormiston, etc? thanks jas
  3. Hi, we have been in Oz for 3.5 years but in Brisbane (Thornlands to be precise) for 1.5. We are a family of 5 (3 kids aged 6months, 4 and 5) originally from Essex ?. But we are really struggling to find like minded people and make new friends. We are pretty laid back and not very loud (without a few whiskeys lol). Love entertaining and generally spending time with friends. Would like to meet some genuine and easy going friends. Really miss having mates around ?. I will stop sounding desperate now....don't want to scare anyone of ?. If anyone fancies a coffee or lunch let me know. Thanks jas
  4. Ja55ren

    Perth or brisbane??!?!

    we live in mackay so gets pretty humid here as we are North of brisbane so that's ok. It's the indoor geckos I can't handle!!! Other than that criteria would be (obviously ideal): - nice weather - less indoor bugs and geckos than here (mackay queensland), - family friendly - activities for kids - places to visit during daytime with kiddies - good schools - easy cbd access - quiet, friendly and community orientated place to live (again with access to cbd), - an international airport not too far, - friendly people, - I think I will stop there but no asking for too much lol!!!!!! thanks everyone!!!! jas
  5. Ja55ren

    Perth or brisbane??!?!

    Thanks everyone for the responses so far. The other thing I forgot to mention is common pests such as house geckos, I CANT stand them!!!!!!! So interested to know what are the common household pests in both areas?? thanks jas
  6. Ja55ren

    Perth or brisbane??!?!

    Hi i moved to oz just over a year ago with hubby and two young kids. We have since been living in mackay, queensland. However other half has had a job offer in Perth and brisbane! But really can't decide which of the two would be better. We love mackay if only it had a city nearby, so City access is a must but nice quiet place to live in. Good for families with outdoor activities would be good. So hoping people can help with experiences/opinions of both. Much appreciated, thanks jas
  7. Ja55ren

    British TV!!

    Yeh definitely need to record as my two little monsters take over the TV!!
  8. Ja55ren

    British TV!!

    Hi maggie, the two are not mutually exclusive, We enjoy Australian TV but do not see anything wrong with enjoying British tv as well. Great to have the best of both worlds!
  9. Ja55ren

    British TV!!

    Thanks for the posts but we r really struggling with our internet. We are on the nbn and there's loads of issues which we r tackling with Telstra. Spent days setting up my music player and had to configure the router myself!!!! I plan to tackle the smart TV next!! Thinking of Foxtel after a few local expats have recommended it. Will look at this option as well once Telstra get their act together!!
  10. Ja55ren

    British TV!!

    hi everyone im really missing my uk tv programmes such as bake off and eastenders. What's the best way to go about getting these? Heard uktv channel is the way to go but wanted to et some views before I committed to a contract. thanks jas
  11. Ja55ren

    just moved to mackay

    Not sure about exact location but it's at the community centre, I think it's called "not another playgroup".
  12. Ja55ren

    just moved to mackay

    Oh I went to a playgroup on Shakespeare street but bit far so will try the one in Andergrove next Wednesday
  13. Ja55ren

    just moved to mackay

    Sarah I've just sent u pm. Fanya where you guys coming from? Did you go for Sunshine Coast job? My other half also works in mental health and works in the community so you want any info let me know. jas
  14. Ja55ren

    just moved to mackay

    Hi sarah<br><br>i live in rural view as well which really is round the corner from you. I'm from uk and been here for about 7 months. Hubby at work all day and me and kids entertain ourselves (14 months and 2 and half). Went to our first playgroup session which wasn't that good. Still Billy no mates at the moment. Let me know if you interested in coffee or something!<br><br>jas
  15. Hi ladies, sorry for late reply, it's been a bit hectic. Polly I'm heading to airlie beach tomorrow if you are about it would be great to meet. Fanya did you guys move? Where to and how you finding it? Mackay is a great place depending on what you are after. It's difficult with young children but I'm joining a playgroup tomorrow and hope to get the kids and myself socialising. It's a long road to settling down but guess it takes a lot longer than I expected. Where did you get the job offer in mackay base hospital? That's where my husband works and really does love it!! Chat soon jas