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  1. Or (depending how much 'stuff' you have) a hostel. They're the cheapest option, and another way of meeting a few people, if nothing else.
  2. Grobbelrevell

    Who can certify my documents for immigration?

    As I understand it from my own agent, it needs to be a solicitor. When discussing certtification I was offered the use of the agencies pre-arranged solicitor for this, or alternatively advised to locate my own if I wished. It certainly wasn't implied that anyone other than a solicitor could certify the documents anyway.
  3. Grobbelrevell

    So the Job Market is pretty much dead in Canberra

    Thanks for the reply mate, I appreciate it. I understand the diverse nature of 'IT' as well. From my perspective it's largely first and second line helpdesk experience, including a number of years working with MySQL and SQL Server, in particular. Having had a look at Seek there are positions advertised, but the majority appear to require security clearance, which rules me out straight away. There's maybe two or three that don't that look to be relavent. As i've only just began the gathering of information to support my application (which should be lodged around May next year), i've got a bit of time on my side. Realistically i'm probably looking at a visa being granted (fingers crossed) next July/August, with a view to making the move either towards the end of the year or start of 2015. Hopefully things will pick up between now and then. Thank you for the information on regional work as well. I was fairly sure that ACT didn't count but thought i'd check. As an aside, if I may, does anyone happen to know what the restrictions are on a 190 visa in terms of travel/work in other states? Does it rule that out entirely? The reason I ask is that, should I fail to secure a job before making the move, what I would look to do (if possible) is to go and complete the regional work along with my girlfriend. That way it gets it out of the way for her, as well as giving us three months worth of income and savings, which will reduce the pressure significantly. I suspect that won't be possible, but I thought i'd ask the question anyway. Again, thanks for the reply. As mentioned above, i'm not planning on making the move (realistically) for another 15 months or so, which should allow me time to get some money together. Ideally i'd be looking towards coming over with around £10,000 behind me, at a rough estimate. I'll certainly be keeping a close eye on the job market over there though and if things are looking particularly bleak around that time then one benefit of the 190 visa is that it does give you some flexibility with it being a 5 year visa. I will delay the move if I think it's wise to do so. I will of course need to come over to activate the visa initially, so it will perhaps be a case of contacting a few agencies during that trip and seeing what the picture is looking like then. I did deal with Hays, among others, whilst I was looking for work in Perth and to be brutally honest, they were absolutely useless. In fact, there wasn't a single agency that were in any way helpful. That said, I should add some context to that because I believe that the main reason for that was quite simply my visa situation and with that in mind, it probably wasn't worth their time forwarding my details on when it was known beforehand that residency was a requirement, whether stated or not. How is your own job search going anyway, Maggie? Did you manage to find anything yet?
  4. Grobbelrevell

    Advice please ,I have brain fog :)

    Maroochydore is lovely if you're thinking of Queensland. Good luck with the application process as well, i'm just starting out on the same path so I know where you're coming from.
  5. Grobbelrevell

    Moving to W.A

    As others have said, it depends largely on where you would prefer to be situated (coastal, central etc) and your budget. I lived in Mt Lawley (northern suburb) for 6 months and loved it. It's 5 minutes on the bus to the CBD and they run regularly, all day. You can walk it as well in about half an hour or so if you're feeling energetic. In addition, it's just a very nice area. Two or three nice bars as well as various restaurants and shops - and of course, a bottle-o or two! The one real downside is it's just about as far away from the coast as you can be in Perth, but again, that depends on what you're looking for. Alternatively, I also loved Fremantle (which was my first choice when I moved there). It's a bit more out of the way if you will be working in Perth itself, but the transport links are good, with train and bus services running regularly, as well as the highway if you're driving. The area itself is more laid back than Perth, with a bit of a hippy feel to it. Reminded me a little of the seaside towns here in the UK. Again though, some very nice bars and restaurants, and the market's worth a look as well, particularly the fresh food section. There really aren't very many 'bad' areas in and around Perth though. It's a very new and clean city, and frankly, I loved it.
  6. Grobbelrevell

    Main reasons for leaving the UK

    My reasons are very similar to your own by the sound of things. I don't dislike England, per se, but the weather depresses the life out of me. I could cope with winter if there was a guaranteed summer at the end of it, but in the UK that's very, very rarely the case. With that in mind i've always had one eye on emigration to sunnier climes. So that, for me, is the main reason. In addition to that, and this is very much linked to the weather factor, is the lifestyle. I've spent around 18 months living and travelling in Australia and the lifestyle was an aspect that really sold the place for me. Because of the weather you're outdoors more often than not, rather than being holed up inside. I also found that I had more disposable income whilst working in Australia than I did back in the UK as well, despite working in low end jobs during my time there. Overall I believe that Australia offers an environment and lifestyle that surpasses that of the UK.
  7. Grobbelrevell

    migration advice needed

    As others have said, you really need to expand on your OP. As a first step though, i'd probably recommend finding a reputable emigration agency and having a full consultation with them. That will involve them assessing everything from your age, skills and experience in order to outline your visa options. Just to reiterate the "find a reputable agency" point, I had an assessment done whilst I was in Australia, costing A$250 and I was in and out inside 5 minutes flat having been told I had no options open to me. I since returned to the UK and had another assessment done, from which it transpired that I did indeed have a route in. There's a lot of agents around, the trick is to find a good one. Word of mouth advertising is always the best.
  8. Grobbelrevell

    So the Job Market is pretty much dead in Canberra

    Just as a follow up point as well, my girlfriend will be coming with me and i'm even more worried about her job prospects because she'll be coming in on a 147 (working holiday) visa. As I said above, I know from experience how difficult finding work on that kind of visa can be at the best of times, so i'm just hoping there might be some bar/waitressing/cafe type work available for her. She's coming on a 147 to begin with purely because, despite being together for over three years, we haven't lived together and therefore she won't qualify for spouse sponsorship via my own visa - yet. As an aside, does anyone happen to know if there is any regional work available within the ACT region? It's not a region i'm overly familiar with so any advice, as ever, would be welcome. Thanks again, Mark.
  9. Grobbelrevell

    So the Job Market is pretty much dead in Canberra

    I signed up with an emigration agency last week based on the only access route I had available for Australia, which was state sponsorship via ACT. The biggest concern I had/have was in relation to the job market because, having spent around 18 months living and travelling in the country I know just how expensive it can be, especially if you're relying on GBP savings given the current exchange rate. Having read through this thread (and others) I have to say, it's not exactly put my mind at ease. That's not to say that i'm put off, because i'm not, and I fully appreciate that arguably the biggest contributory factors to success in any job hunt are initiative and persistence, but, is it really as bad as i'm reading? I found it extremely difficult to find work when I was in Perth at the start of this year, mainly because I did not have a permanent visa (I was on a WHV). Well, other than casual, low end manual labour jobs that was - which is exactly what I spent my working time there doing - from abbatoirs, to farms, to warehouses. I'm happy enough to do anything in the short term in order to get started, but i'd be lying if I said that it wasn't my hope that with a permanent visa (and residency), that job search would be made markedly easier. In an ideal world I would secure a job befoe I left the UK, but reading various posts on here as well as other forums, that sounds like an outside bet at best. My professional qualifications and experience are in IT. For the past five years or so i've been overseeing the support department for a software development company in the UK. I don't know whether anyone on here works in the IT industry, or perhaps even within a similar role, but if so, what are the prospects like in that area at the moment? Are the opportunities entirely government based (and therefore unavailable to non-citizens)? Or are there private companies as well? Additionally, are UK qualifications and experience valued in Aus? I've had people tell me that "there's no jobs" before, here in the UK. I've heard rumours of people submitting hundreds of applications and hearing nothing back. Personally though, i've always managed to find something relatively quickly so I will admit to taking such statements with a pinch of salt. Maybe i'm being a little naive, who knows. Anyway, sorry for the slight rant along with the barrage of questions. Any advice on any of that would be appreciated anyway. Oh, and good luck to those of you already there in your own job search! Mark.
  10. Grobbelrevell

    Liverpool ** fan clubs/meeting places in Canberra

    As with Steve (above) i'd be interested in hearing if anything has materialised with this. I'm a huge Liverpool fan and just starting out in the via application process for ACT. One of the biggest (only?) things i'll miss about England will be the ability to get to the games, so if there were a few like minded Reds to watch them with along with a few beers, well, i'd be more than up for it. Mark.