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  1. Hi Guys My wife might have the opportunity to work as a consultant remotely for her current company (in UK) from Oz. We will both be on the 190 visa. Are their any legal issues that we must consider about going forward with the consultancy? Can she actually do it while on this visa? How does this influence Oz taxes? I hope someone can help. Thanks
  2. dingo34

    June 2014 arrival

    Thanks ABL275 We have found a nice place in Belconnen for a few months. I'm sure we will be comfortable there. I hear there are some great markets in the area.
  3. dingo34

    June 2014 arrival

    Hi guys My wife and I are moving to Canberra in June and are getting very excited. Can anyone recommend good temporary accomodation, which we would need for about 4 weeks. There are websites around, but a personal opinion is always handy. Thanks in advance.
  4. dingo34

    190 visa help please

    Thanks for the help Rupert. I was going to try it solo but think an agent would be a good idea. I'm not one for paperwork and might get overwhelmed if I try it myself. nickynook: not trying to sell anything. Just trying to make this process as simple as can be. I haven't read this other book but someone told me to read it, just wanted to know if someone else has read it. Sorry if it came across spammy.
  5. dingo34

    190 visa help please

    thanks Alnaibii I had a look through the info you provided but still really confusing. A friend who has been through this process told me I should read a book called The Road To OZ. I only found this http://theroadtooz.com have you read it?
  6. dingo34

    190 visa help please

    Hi guys. Im new here so I hope I don't make a nuisance of myself. I am interested in applying for the 190 visa with State sponsorship. I have all the relevant points and think that i stand a fairly good chance. My question is: is there any reading material that i can page through that will give me an easy reference to the entire visa process? I have been on forums and checked websites but it all gets a bit confusing. Thanks in advance.