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  1. I'm checking out now but thank you for your advice and information.
  2. He has expressed happiness that I have been able to fall pregnant due to health problems, so we are both pleased in that respect. But he has since got extremely stressed about the situation and how to handle it.
  3. I completely agree with you Sammy, it's a terrible situation but not so cut and dry. My partner has had to endure years of abuse but he will go through it to have access to his children. They mean more to him then anything else.
  4. What are your thoughts i manage to receive my qualification and apply for the 187. I would imagine that I have to declare that I have a dependent. Will it be rejected on this basis?
  5. Thanks for your replies Sammy and Jacaranda. It is as I feared. Im not sure whether he has any intention of legally separating with his wife due to children and businesses together. Its a really **** situation for me, we have been in a loving relationship and for the most part we are a legitimate couple. But given that we would have to be legitimately together for a year to go for the de facto then I don't think it would happen. I haven't told my family yet. They are aware of my complicated relationship so it would only worry them :-(
  6. Problem number 1 - I'm pregnant Problem number 2 - father is still legally married I'm in a real pickle. Long story short, I have been in a relationship with a man for just over a year. Recently found out I'm pregnant, now I'm worried about deportation. My visa does not run out for another years time so my child will be born in Australia. I was going to be applying straight away for my 187 in June. Will have a child affect this visa? If I don't get the visa will I be sent home to England? Does the father being Australian have any bearing on the situation? All answers appreciated. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been in this situation.
  7. LauraH

    Job Sponsorship Advice Please!

    Hi there. Im another pom desperate to stay in Australia! I'm on a whv which doesn't run out until June but I just want to be prepared so increase my chances of being able to stay. At the moment I'm just doing shop work (which I love!) and I wondered if it was possible to be sponsored for this type of work? I thought you had to be in a skilled job to be able to be sponsored but a friend of mine is being sponsored in a waitressing position. I have an environmental degree but little work experience in this field. My plan was to apply for jobs within this area with a hope of finding a company to sponsor me. Would this be a better option? Any advice or peoples experience very much welcomed! Thank you xx​