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  1. Hi there, We made the move to the Gold Coast from London last September (partner is the Aussie half of the relationship). Shout if you've got any questions or just want to chat! (though I can't help you on the school/nursery front - no kids yet )
  2. We went with Letton Percival (medium MoveCube, self-packing obviously). No claims so didn't really have to deal with them much but they were very helpful when I had questions at the beginning. I was worried about how best to insure the MoveCube but they assured me they were happy to insure MoveCubes and had done so in the past.
  3. Hi everybody, Our medium MoveCube arrived on Friday. Driver was a bit earlier than advised but that wasn't a problem for us. Plus as we just dumped everything in our garage which is pretty much the same level as the street he helped us to unload. Between the 3 of us it took us about 10 min! The cube had obviously been opened, as the boxes were arranged differently from how we packed them. As far as we can tell only one box had been opened and re-sealed - the one we labelled as containing wooden items. Everything in the box was still as we packed it though, with some smaller wooden items on top. None of our boxes were damaged in any way - they all looked as new - and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we had packed is in perfect condition. Now I like to think that our amazing packing skills had something to do with that as well…. No problems with Australian customs - we didn't get contacted about fumigation etc. We also got all our camping gear through customs, in case anyone is wondering about bringing that sort of stuff. We had cleaned the tent, windbreak etc. thoroughly. We also went a bit overboard and put stickers with numbers on pretty much everything (apart from the stuff we threw in last minute when we realised we had more space than expected, i.e. umbrellas, camping chair…).
  4. Hi there @NaomiSimone A late reply but I've been enjoying my new life in Oz too much to keep up to date with the forum I got extra luggage, an additional 10kg, when flying to Oz with Singapore Airlines last month (2h stopover in Singapore, luggage checked through). (I'm on a 309 visa too.) I had email printouts and still had to explain quite a bit at the airport but eventually got the 10kg (and a bit extra, they weren't that fussy with a couple of extra kilos on top...). The condition I was given was that the visa had to be unvalidated (i.e. first entry into Australia on this visa). Also, only I got 10kg extra - my partner didn't as it only applies to the visa holder, not anyone travelling with them. Hope that helps
  5. rheia

    Singapore airlines

    I just used Singapore Airlines for my one-way flight to Oz on my 309 visa. Enquired beforehand about migrant baggage allowance and was granted 10kg. Although they said they put in their system it never showed up online. But this didn't worry me as I had e-mail confirmations from both the UK & the global customer service. Plus I called to make sure. When we checked in at Heathrow Airport the staff was not aware of any such allowance but I convinced them - the printed out emails came in very handy and eventually they accepted my 2 suitcases totaling 40kg. Although our flight was delayed (technical issues) and we missed our connecting flight I was actually very happy with Singapore Airlines (we were supplied with complementary food and drinks throughout the wait and provided a hotel while waiting for our new flight in Singapore). Can absolutely recommend them!
  6. Same reasoning for us - we discounted excess baggage / box shipping on the basis of all the odd-shaped stuff we have
  7. rheia

    New Processing Times London

    Thanks @MovingtoTasmania for pointing that out. I have updated my original post. Don't want to panic people unnecessarily
  8. Just started a new thread about this, but please be aware that the processing times on the London website have changed Thread here: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/216729-new-processing-times-london.html Partner Migration - 10 to 14 months (was 8 - 9 months) EDIT: As MovingtoTasmania pointed out, this should NOT affect those people that have already applied.
  9. rheia

    New Processing Times London

    Just got an alert saying that the webpage showing the current processing times for the London embassy has changed. Check it out here: http://www.uk.embassy.gov.au/lhlh/immi_processing_times.html This affects the permanent visa applications: Permanent Visa Applications Resident Return - within 7 working days Partner Migration - 10 to 14 months (was 8 - 9 months) Child Migration and adoption - 8 to 12 months (was 9 months) Orphan Relative - 8 to 12 months (was 9 months) Extended Eligibility Child (subclass 445) - 8 to 12 months (was 9 months) EDIT: As MovingtoTasmania pointed out, this should NOT affect those people that have already applied.
  10. Our medium MoveCube is getting delivered in about a month's time so we're just starting to pack up our things. So far the SevenSeas people have been great, I have to say - quick to reply via email and always very helpful on the phone. The site visit (and sundries delivery - we ordered a few boxes) went well too - the driver walked down the street with us and helped us select which of the on-street car parks would be most suitable (we had to apply for a parking suspension). He took photos of the car parks as well & explained the process. Now fingers crossed that the delivery, pickup & actually shipping will go as smoothly...
  11. rheia

    Camping gear and tents.

    We are in a very similar situation. Shipping in a month's time & have quite a lot of camping gear (tent, wind break, chairs etc.) which we don't really want to leave behind, especially as we'll have space in our MoveCube for it. No idea if it's going to get through quarantine, but we basically wiped down everything (inside & out) with anti-bacterial wipes, getting rid of any soil etc Fingers crossed!
  12. rheia

    Partner Visa application

    My application was a paper one as well, so can't help you with the question about the online forms. Statutory declarations: We had 2 from Australian citizens using the 888 form, plus 5 more from non-Australians using just a simple standard UK statutory declaration template. Yes, they only request a minimum of 2 statutory declarations but we felt it made our application stronger to have more than that. Plus the declarations tied in nicely with other evidence (e.g. friends who wrote a statutory declaration had also been on holiday with us and appeared in photos with us or postcards addressed to both of us sent from these friends etc.). Plus the two Australian citizens knew less about our day-to-day living together than our UK friends, seeing as we had mainly met up in Australia. I think it depends on your situation - if you've been married for 10 years and have 4 kids together and are from a low risk country, then you'll probably fine with just the 2 declarations. If you're just about making the 12 month living-together requirement for a defacto application, why not show how serious your relationship is? I had no complaints from my CO although I do appreciate that they must wade through lots of superfluous evidence Regarding the police check, you could use the one you already have but I would advise against sending that in with your application and rather wait until it is requested by your case officer. Processing times for partner visas in London are 8-9 months so there is a good chance your current police check will either expire while you're waiting for the grant or you might get into a situation where you'll only have a very short amount of time between grant & initial entry date. (As your initial entry date is 12 months after your police check / medical, whichever comes first).
  13. Well, after 8 months & 9 days (but hey, who's counting) my partner visa has just been granted! All details below in my signature but a quick recap: - applied 22/10/13 in London for the 309/100 visa and got the 309 visa granted today 01/07/14 via email - CO was DP - I never once contacted my CO, not even to check the medicals & police checks had arrived. I just assumed they had after I got the police checks sent back & my cover note for them had mentioned that I completed the medical check as well. Celebrations tonight & then time to finalise all our plans. Looks like we'll be flying out mid-September! Fingers crossed for everybody that's still waiting!
  14. AMAZING! Congratulations Now that gives me hope Our timelines are so similar that I'm now going all nervous...
  15. Ooooo, that's amazing! Congratulations! Planning a big party tonight?