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  1. pharmacist2007

    Citizenship Processing

    Hi Everyone , Sry if I'm new to this , so not sure how it really works but any information is really appreciated I applied for my citizenship on 30/11/2017, got their notice for the exam, and it was on 11/3/2019 and passed, now pending the approval, any idea how long that can take, I live at bayside council, Sydney. Thanks heaps and good luck for everyone
  2. pharmacist2007

    Visa 189 submitted 4 march 2013 still no case officer

    thanks alot for the help , maybe I didn't say what I actually meant , no-one has asked my agent for documents , It was through some friends that I found out how to upload the documents and all the agent said after 7 months of waiting was that this is not the proper way to do it and that we should wait untill a case officer is allocated yet she will upload them and she did. I never trusted her efficiency in the first place so I had all emails come to an email account I created for that purpose and she doesn't have a password but never got any emails from a case officer. From your experience do case officers take that long to be appointed ? Is there an email I could contact to ask about what's happening ? Thanks alot for your time and patience.
  3. pharmacist2007

    Visa 189 submitted 4 march 2013 still no case officer

    Thanks alot for the advice , I wasn't convinced not to send my papers but she is a registered agent at the MARA , and said more than once I don't have to untill a case officer is appointed untill finally I was the one to send her the proper site to send the papers which I got through a friend. I'm from Egypt , I don't know if they consider it a high risk country. I'm definately going to complain to the MARA specially that I have everything on email , but now I'm trying to fix things. What does the word in progress mean ? does it mean that I have a case officer ? wasn't he supposed to contact me when he didn't find any papers ? things are really messed up . Thanks again for the help , much appreciated .
  4. Here is tha case, I received an invitation to apply on 17 febuary 2013 and submitted my application on 4 march 2013. I have an australian lawyer , but is completely incompetent , she didn't know how to send the papers I gave her and said that we don't have to send them now as they say on the sight that if you weren't able to upload your documents wait until a case officer is assigned. Finally I told her how to send the papers and she uploaded most of them on 3 october 2013, and the medicals were done immediately after that. My question , they say there is an 8 week till a case officer is assigned , from when do they start ? I still dont have a case officer . From when is my application considered lodged ? the status on the application shows " In progress " what does that mean ? anyone has any answers ?any help is extremely appriciated .