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  1. Hi, I am in the preparation mode for migration to OZ. I am still at the assessment stage and expect the assessment result early to mid December. Just to prepare myself financially I would need to know at what point of time during the whole migration process do I need to show financial proof of migrating and what is the amount we need to show in our bank balance? Thanks in advance
  2. THanks for feedback..i checked and ACT has Customer Service Manager but has limited demand. Also, say I get the opportunity to migrate to ACT, then would I be able to get a job straight as customer service manager or initially will I have to start from a lower position...? Since I do not have work exp in Australia will it be a problem in getting manager post straight away..?
  3. Hi all, I would need genuine feedback and it would be a big help for me. End of august I sent my docs for skills assessment. I am applying for skilled occupation under state sponsorship for customer service manager (149212 VETASSES). I want to know what are the chances for me to getting through the migration process under this category. I have a degree in commerce and 4 years of experience in the related job post. Scored 7 in my IELTS. My wife has studied Biotechnology and she intends to do masters once we get to Australia, if it happens so. And yes for Customers service managers which state usually sponsors and what is the job scope in that state.. Thanks Romit