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  1. Hi everyone, I am desperately seeking some advice from anyone who may be able to help. I applied for and was granted a visa on January 2nd this year (yay!) My ex signed the consent form for my children to be included on the visa so my two daughters have visa's too and have to enter Australia by September (he always agreed to let them come across, as he intends to come over in a year too). As I have been getting things sorted in Adelaide I have spent some time away from my girls. I booked flights a month ago and since then my ex has been trying to stop them from coming across with me and unfortunately has their passports. Does any one know if signing this consent form is enough for me to get the girls across even if he doesn't want them to come, is it legally binding in such a way that he has given up his right to keep them in England? I've arrived in England now, should've flown with the girls yesterday, but have managed to postpone for a week. Would really appreciate any help anyone can give, Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for your replies, I am looking into the legal side of things, unfortunately I am now stuck having sold everything in England and rented a house which I'm tied into a contract until September and having found and started a permanent job in Adelaide. And spent a fortune on flights and setting up home for the girls! As for sitting down with the ex and sorting things out, I have tried in person, by email etc. he just keeps finding excuse after excuse, seems like his final trick is emotional blackmail!
  3. vixy

    189 Visa application please help!

    Thanks guys, this is so complicated! But going to go for it now!
  4. Hi, I'm new to this, but here goes! I'm currently in Adelaide on a working holiday visa and have just had an invitation to apply for the Skilled Independent 189 visa. Some of the application is pretty self explanatory, however there are a few parts where I'm just not sure if I'm answering correctly. The first issue I have is in the Qualifications section, I haven't used any of my qualifications on Skillselect, as I had enough points without (and only found out they had to be assessed separately to the Skills Assessment for an extra $1100 - not happy), but it won't let me move on without entering something into that box (I selected other), I'm not sure if this is the correct thing to do or not. Secondly on the same part, do I need to enter all my secondary school qualifications GCSE's and college NVQ's relating to my trade? I'm absolutely petrified of submitting the application incorrectly and being turned down! I hope someone can help :arghh: Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have just completed my skills assessment as a mechanic, you have to use TRA initially, filling out your details and a checking off a list of tasks that you are competent in. This issues you with a TRA report and number which you then need to provide for Vetassess. You would then normally have to carry out the skills assessment and technical interview with them. Mine in total took approx. 3 months and cost $2200ish. I then found out that none of this actually gives you an 'Australian recognised qualification' which can be used on the skills section, TRA charge $1100 to verify your documents to use on this to obtain 10 points for recognised trade qualifications. Hope this helps!
  6. vixy

    Education history section of the 189 visa

    Ok, thanks for that!:notworthy:
  7. vixy

    189 Visa application please help!

    Hi, I have already got the skills assessment and skillselect offer, I am a mechanic so get points for age (30), time in the trade (15), IELTS (20) I only need 60 points, hence not needing the qualifications part, but don't know if filling this part out incorrectly will cause a problem with the application / visa being granted. Also still waiting for the immigration dept. reply. Thanks for your response though, hopefully the first of many!
  8. vixy

    Education history section of the 189 visa

    Hi, I am wondering the same thing! I see you posted this a while ago, but no-one replied, can you tell me what you did etc. Also have you found out about your visa yet? If not fingers crossed & thanks!