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  1. thanhphongct1

    Report Changes in Contrbutory Parent Visa Subclass 143

    oh thank u one more question, do you know their criteria to assess dependency???
  2. My case is I am added in my Prarents' Contributory Visa (143) as a dependent child over 18. I will turn 21 this Septemper and finish my 2-year vocational degree this Septemper as well. I will then apply to university to keep my full time education 'till visa grant process. My question is : do I need to fill The Form 1022 Notification of changes in circumstances when i study uni? thanks in advanced
  3. thanhphongct1

    Dependent Child in Contributory Parent visa subclass 143

    i got it, thank u anyways, so what i know now is that i should keep my FT education
  4. thanhphongct1

    Dependent Child in Contributory Parent visa subclass 143

    maybe you are right, see here: so according to you, do I really need to keep being in full-time education 'till my application be allocated???
  5. thanhphongct1

    Dependent Child in Contributory Parent visa subclass 143

    I have always been totally dependent on my parents 'cause I hav no other sources to depend on, although full time education is not mentioned on Aus Immi Website as a criteria to add dependent child, I decided to keep my full time education till the visa be assessed to get the best chance possible, you can see here: To include a dependent child in your visa application, the child must be: your child a stepchild from a current or a previous relationship (in certain circumstances). Acceptable documents that can show a parent-child relationship include: a certified copy of each child's birth certificate a certified copy of adoption papers. Your child or stepchild is considered to be dependent if any of the following apply: they are younger than 18 years of age they have turned 18 years of age and continue to be wholly or substantially reliant on you for their basic needs (food, clothing and shelter) they have a mental or physical disability that stops them from earning a living to support themselves (whether or not they migrate with the applicant). The child can be of any age. The child will still need to meet Australia’s health requirement. A child of any age is not considered to be dependent if they are currently married, engaged to be married or in a de facto relationship. Some visas require that the child has never been married or in a de facto relationship.
  6. thanhphongct1

    Dependent Child in Contributory Parent visa subclass 143

    Oh thank u, we didnt use an agent, we just go on http://www.immi.gov.au to get information and applied the application ourself
  7. thanhphongct1

    Dependent Child in Contributory Parent visa subclass 143

    Thank u so much, but do u know why those aldult children got their visas??? I had one year not being enrolled in full time education when i just finished my high school, but during that time i was still dependent on my parents, cause i went to another city to learn english at an english private school and i also got monthly money from my parents to pay for food, clothes and shelter ( we have bank statement to prove this). I then came back my home and enrolled in a 2-year full time education 4 mo ths before my parents applying for their contributory parent visa, so can i still be classified as my parents' dependent child????
  8. Hello everyone, I have some questions about dependent child added in visa subclass 143. I am a 20 year-old dependent child of my parents. They lodged the application for Contributory Parent visa on February, 2014 ( my sister is the sponsor ). It's been now 15 months but we still hear nothing, It means that our application has not been allocated yet. The problem is I am going to finish my 2-year college degree in the next few months ( maybe this September ). I am afraid that when i finish my full-time education, my application has still not been allocated. So i will not be able to be classified as my parents' denpendent child. so my dependency will be rejected and Aus Department of Immigration will refuse my visa when they assess it. The main question is whether I need to continue my full-time education untill they assess my application or not. I have been totally dependent on my parents since I turned 18. I attached some documents in the application to prove my dependency including bank statement (financial dependency), school statement that I am still a full-time student. is it strong enough. Anyone who has lots of ecperiences can tell me what I really should do next??? thanks u guys in advanced.
  9. I would like to ask professional advisers some questions about the main applicant of visa subclass 143 ( my family has just lodged the visa subclass 143 for 3 persons : my dad, my mom and my younger bro (dependent child on my parents) First, if the main applicant ( my dad ) passed away while the visa is still in its waiting process, can my mom and my younger bro still be granted their visa? Second, if one of them cant pass the health check, can others who pass it be granted their visas normally? Third, Can my family change the main applicant to my mother although the visa application has been lodged already? many thanks
  10. thanhphongct1

    few questions about dependent child ( visa subclass 143 )

    i dont know how to consult a registed agent when i am in vietnam, my sister is so busy to go there, she's got a full-time job and when she got home they've closed already. the only thing she can do is calling immi department, hope u can sympathize my situation, T_T
  11. thanhphongct1

    few questions about dependent child ( visa subclass 143 )

    oh really? so i still hav chance to be granted visa with my parents, actually, i am from vietnam and there is no registed agent here !!! i only can consult info on the internet and some private agents here !!! so sad !!! and sometimes im really shocked abt what they told me T_T my sister said next week she would call immi to be given more details
  12. thanhphongct1

    few questions about dependent child ( visa subclass 143 )

    yeah i know that unregisted agents may tell me something wrong but when i got home, i found this info on the internet : http://www.visaaustralia.com.au/post/61568734899/are-you-including-dependent-children-on-your-visa and here as well :http://www.ixpvisas.com/australia-visas/child-visas.html and these info is quite similar to what that agent told me, im super confused now , wanna cry, u know, i hav only one sister ,recently i always imagine the situation that i am classified as undependent and rejected visa, so i hav to live here alone, OMG really stressful , can anyone give me some advice T_T
  13. thanhphongct1

    few questions about dependent child ( visa subclass 143 )

    my sis has been living there over 5 years already, so she is eligible to sponsor my family application. one of the consultants in that agent told me so, and they seemed to be very sure abt what they've claimed, how can i find a registed migration agent, my english school can give me a certificate showing my learning period and my father still keep documents related to the bank that he transfers me money monthly. are these documents strong enough? what should i add in my application to prove that i completely depend on my parents???? plzzzz
  14. my sister, who has just been granted a PR, is living in Australia, i am her only younger brother, my parents and i now want to apply a visa subclass 143 to live with my sister in australia permanently. the problem, however, is that i am 19 years old already . after several months finishing high school last year , i decided to study at a private english school till now, this morning, i went to a private immigration centre to consult some info abut this visa, they told me that my evidence to prove my dependency on my parents is not strong enough because i am studying at an english school, i need to study at any school as long as it's a state one. and they are quite sure that i can be rejected my visa, they also said that when my family apply this kind of visa, we have to give clear evidence that i still depend on my family and i MUST be enrolled a full-time or post-secondary course leading to a qualification. Therefore, my situation now doeant appropriate the requirement !!! i am really confused, does anyone who has lots of experience on this visa can give me more exact info??? and what should i do now?? many thanks