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  1. Hi, quick question I've been granted my 801 permanent residency visa and on the email I received, it says that I must notify them of any changes in my address etc using form 1022. I downloaded the form, but one of the first things it says is "You do not have to notify the department of any changes in your circumstances that occurred after you were granted your visa (if you applied for your visa in Australia)" which is what I did. So which is correct? The email or the form? Do I not need to update them anymore when I move house? Thanks!
  2. delicatepotatoe

    801 Visa, still in relationship but not living together?

    Yikes. Sorry to hear that. Yeah I guess it's for the best I move back in with him asap. I'm making arrangements now to sort it out. How long were you living apart from your partner?
  3. delicatepotatoe

    801 Visa, still in relationship but not living together?

    Yes, we still share joint finances and I am also on the rental lease. I didn't use an agent, is there a way that I can get in touch with one to be able to run this past them? Yeah that's the thing, she'll help me while I'm here. The rental unit is one room, toilet next to the bed. But we're afraid that being together 24/7 would start perhaps causing tension over silly things like when we previously were in a one-room rental. When we were in a bigger place though we were fine.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me out with figuring out how to proceed with my 801 permanent partner Visa? Any help would be hugely appreciated! It's been 3 years since I applied for my visa, and I have been requested for my partner to submit a stat dec. We've lived together for the vast majority of that time, but at the moment we are not. Will this negatively effect my visa? As i saw in the terms it states very clearly that you MUST live together at all times or something. But right now it makes more sense to take advantage of the opportunities given to us, to both help our wallets and our health. We were struggling with renting along with trying to sort out our health issues at the same time. My partner's mother eventually offered to have us move in with her so we did that. But my partner and his mum have ended up fighting all of the time which was making him really depressed, so in order for my partner to get better he moved out to his own rental nearby which is affordable but way too small for two people to live. Renting a bigger place that's nearby just isn't financially an option for us right now. My partner's mother, who I actually get along well with is now hosting me and helping me to get back on my feet and is covering things for me here like food and whatnot as I get myself sorted out. However she's stated that she's more than happy for me to stay as absolutely long as I like, so I'm taking advantage of her generosity and getting myself fully prepared to be able to go to TAFE once the visa is approved. And my partner is now much better that he's no longer having constant fights with his mother and is also able to work towards getting himself ready for working again and such also. I visit him often and drift between his place and mine, but we don't live together on a permanent basis anymore. I'm really worried now though that because now I'm not living with my partner permanently that it's going to screw up my visa. Is this going to end up being the case? Even though right now living apart makes more sense for both our wallets and our wellbeings? On the stat dec the only options as for our living arrangements are "live together, live separate on a permanent basis" but our arrangement will not be permanent. We plan on seeking a bigger rental together once we can do, but I've no idea how long away that will be yet. Once I can get Ausstudy it should help being able to afford a decent rental again. So I'm unsure what to choose or if me not living with him permanently is going to get my visa denied or something. If anyone could shed some light on this it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.
  5. ah so do you mean 6-10 months after the 2 years has passed? I haven't no but I have been uploading any new relevant documents to the application, such as when moving place to show where we are and we're still on the same lease
  6. So I guess my question is actually how long is expected before the 801 becomes granted after the date of application? Thank you
  7. Ah thank you. I've been getting confused about the Visa numbers so I think I've already been granted the 820. as the document I have says "Notification of grant of a Partner (Temporary) (class UK) Partner (subclass 820) visa" which I received in Feb 2016. So it must be the 801 I'm actually waiting on then actually i think?
  8. Hi, I applied for a permanent residency 820 Visa back on Dec 4th 2014, and I am wondering how long will it take before I am granted permanent residency? My immi account states "This application will be eligible for consideration for permanent residence 2 years from lodgement (commencement date)." So far so good with my application, back in Feb this year I was granted an upgraded Bridging Visa that allows me to leave Aus for a few months. Will I be granted permanent residency in Dec? or would I be expected to wait longer than that? As I am looking to start studying and hoping if it's completed in time then I can possibly claim Ausstudy and also get cheaper rates on courses. Thanks!
  9. delicatepotatoe

    Where to start? Didn't finish high school in UK and want to start studying

    Alright I'll call around a few places and see what they can offer me. Thank you
  10. delicatepotatoe

    Where to start? Didn't finish high school in UK and want to start studying

    Ahh I get you, thank you for clarifying. It has really helped . It appears to be a citizen I have to of been a resident for a year and in the country for 4, and the HSC I'm imagining is at least a year-long course so that works out alright. The next big question I guess is where do I study? or are all the places more or less the same? I'm pretty much free to move wherever but qld may be best since id have a support net there at the moment, however the idea of catching transport in 38c summer days doesn't sound fun
  11. delicatepotatoe

    Where to start? Didn't finish high school in UK and want to start studying

    Ah I didn't realise it's two different things. I think permanent resident? I submitted an online 47SP - Migration toAustralia by a partner in Dec 2013. At the moment I'm on a bridging 820 visa, which says it's one of the stages towards being granted a permanent Partner visa 801 My ImmiAccount says "This application will be eligible for consideration for permanent residence 2 years from lodgement (commencement date)." Which is coming up this december
  12. I'm 28 and a few months off being a permanent citizen here. I missed out on pretty much all of high school in England due to illness. Since I got better I've been doing odd jobs and self-studying programming, 3d animation and such but I'm now wanting to pursue a proper career and think software engineering may be the one for me but I'm not sure where to begin? From what I can gather by having a look around online - and please correct me if I'm wrong, I need a year 12 HSC to get into a software engineering course? Here's a quote of one of the places requirements: How would I go about getting the Year 12 requirements as an adult? What would be a good option for me to pursue? I'm honestly finding researching it all a bit confusing compared to the UK system so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Hopefully I'm not too late with my age, but I guess it's better than being 40 and wanting to start eh?
  13. I have some expensive inherited jewellery that I'd like to sell to get some funds that would help me with my move back to the UK. Is there somewhere I can sell them/get appraised without getting ripped off near Sydney? I once visited a jewellery shop in the UK who offered 130 pounds below what it was worth (i checked online and on eBay for going rates) and when I asked him to value the most expensive item (no idea what it is as hallmark is gone) he told me he could only tell me if I agreed to pay him 20% of what he said it was worth :no:. My family told me a rough estimate that it's worth around 2000 pounds but would like a professional who can give me an accurate figure for it and then after that, where on earth do I sell it without getting scammed? I'm a bit worried about using eBay for such an expensive item, or would it be best for me to hang onto it and then try sell it in the UK at a local auction or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  14. Hi all, does anyone have any experience in how long it takes for the 820 visa to be finalized and your citizenship granted? I applied for the partnership visa 4th dec 2014. The status on immi.gov.au became 'finalised' on the 23rd of feb 2016, and I was granted an ammended bridging visa which allows me to leave the country for 3 up to months. I was wondering how long will it be before i become a permanent citizen? Would it be granted exactly 2 years after my application date? Or will it take longer? Thanks!
  15. Heya, I'm getting a bit panicked getting everything ready for my VISA in time, I've left it a bit too late and there's a lot more paperwork that needed doing than I thought there was hehe. My current working holiday visa expires Dec 5th and I'm missing a document required to submit my VISA application, I'm waiting on a friend to make a statuary declaration of our relationship. Went to do it today but she couldn't find her birth certificate :no: Thing is I don't know when I need to submit this application to be able to secure a bridging visa in time, If I submit my VISA application online am I granted a bridging visa automatically and quickly? or does it take a while to receive one? Thanks.