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    Families in Yeppoon/Rockhampton?

    Thank you Eng32. It really isn't my choice to move from Brisbane, we just have to for my husbands work. I understand that the 2 places are really incomparable when it comes to major facilities. I m just curious though as to why you don't like Yeppoon so much?
  2. I am currently living just south of Brisbane with my family and teaching at a local school. We moved from NZ 4 years ago and I thought we settled in well, but my hubby really hates it here and has recently been offered a work opportunity in Rockhampton. It is another big move for the kids (7 and 9) so really needing to think this one out. Would probably head to Yeppoon to live. Can anyone help me with any info preferably on: - Sporting groups/activities for the kids - The amount of shops (what is there) - What there is to do as a family - Quality of schools - Commute to Rockhampton - Flooding, cyclone possibilities - Easiness to meet people Thank you for any help. Vickie