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  1. ReZ

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015?

    Matt & my Partner Noorie. 23 an 25. Moving to Sydney, most probably Coogee Bay area or around there in October. We can't wait!! My Dad has lived in Sydney for 5 years. Not sure what we will do for work yet but I'd like to get into building work or something and Noorie would like to work with animals.
  2. ReZ

    Where should we live?

    Yeah man you're dead right, we don't have anything to lose really by at least trying it! Good luck mate might see you there then one day! Cheers :cool:
  3. ReZ

    Where should we live?

    But I would say the quality of the property and of living is much better in Australia than the UK. I'd rather pay £800 a month on a one bedroom flat by a beach check in Australia than at the top of a council estate in London!
  4. ReZ

    Where should we live?

    Not sure who Mr Abbots is sorry! I will be getting a car asap when we move. We will check out Surry Hills as well that sounds like a nice area thanks a lot!
  5. ReZ

    Where should we live?

    Yes but it's more balanced than here. For example minimum wage in the UK is £6.50 but in Oz it's around £10 and the cost of living seems to be cheaper in Sydney than the UK. Petrol is 70p a litre in Sydney but it's £1.20 here just as an example.
  6. ReZ

    Where should we live?

    Sounds great mate will check there out as well thanks. Do you know what it's like for a young couple living out there by any chance? I mean I can't imagine it being a struggle and definitely not anything like living in London.. I can barely afford my car insurance let alone a flat and social life!
  7. ReZ

    Where should we live?

    To be honest we won't really need to be going into the CBD much unless one of us works there but it's mostly office jobs which we are not looking to get. Girlfriend wants to work with animals and I'd like to do some labouring/building work. My dad lives in Forestville now he's just moved there from cremorn point so around there would be cool too!
  8. ReZ

    Where should we live?

    Yeah I don't know how I got that number I think I may have doubled it by mistake.. Okay sound good thanks a lot we are now getting a rough idea in our heads of where about to look for, a bit north of Sydney CBD but not too far inland. Stick to the coastline. Going to have a look at Manly, Dee Why, Forestville, Wollstonecraft, Curl Curl, Crows Nest and everything in between. Thanks so much guys!
  9. ReZ

    Where should we live?

    Thanks alot for the info guys it's all great help! We will definitely check these places out! If it's weekly then our joint budget would be about $400-500 per week for an apartment or maybe even a small house like a bungalow or something. Shared pool would be pretty cool but it's it'dnot something that we desperately need haha! Especially being surrounded by beaches.
  10. ReZ

    Where should we live?

    My apologies, my girlfriend has a working holiday visa which lasts 12 months from the date we enter the country. Our budget would be a range between 2500-4000 per month. We would be getting average jobs nothing crazy and we have been saving a while so have a fair amount of money behind us already. We are thinking more towards Forestville, Wahroonga, Manly areas further north. I think Bondi would be way too expensive for us unfortunately. What's the CBD? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, My Girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Australia (NSW) around October this year (we still need to book the tickets!) and were wondering where we should consider moving to. I have a PR visa (my Dad put me on his when he moved to Sydney 5 years ago and it expires in November so I have to be there before then!) My Girlfriend has a 90 day working Visa. My Dad has lived in Sydney for 5 years now, we would like to move somewhere that isn't too far from him maybe maximum 45 mins drive from Sydney. We would like to be somewhere that doesn't feel too far out from everything (beaches, shopping centers, gyms etc) and would like to find work fairly quickly. Where would be the best areas for us to consider moving to? I'm 23 and my girlfriend is 25. Thanks a lot! Matt
  12. Thanks for the info we will definitely check those areas out! I have a PR visa with my Dad, my friends will be applying for PR also as we plan on stating in Oz for as long as possible, only coming back to the UK to visit friends and family. Cheers.
  13. Hi all, Myself and 3-4 friends are moving to Australia in 2015. We want to get a house in the NSW area, no longer than about an hour and a half drive from Sydney (my Dad lives there on Cremorne Point). We would like to look for places with decent job opportunities, good atmosphere, good people and activities. (Beach, movie theater, gym, shopping centres etc) Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Edit: I forgot got to mention we are thinking about starting a building firm so if there's land to build on that would be a plus!
  14. ReZ

    Hello everyone! :)

    Thanks for mentioning that, my Dad is checking for me but he thinks because I have visited once per year for those 5 years, it shouldn't be an issue but we will check!