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    Perth to Melbourne

    hi AJ if wyou could send me a pm to my email address it would be so helpful - just at wotk atm but do have some Questions if you dont mind
  2. siiobhan

    Perth to Melbourne

    he just works as a causal FIFO so doubt they would
  3. siiobhan

    Perth to Melbourne

    Been in Perth over a year now living in Mandurah - which is beautiful but travelling 3 hours to work everyday - i work in Recruitment - and not even being accepted for Receptionist jobs around Mandurah area is becoming frustrating! Tbh im not a fan of the heat atm haha i can handle it but even the simplest tasks of getting ready or going out of a wknd its too hot and makes me not want to do ANYTHING which lead to big rows with my partner who is on a 4:1 roster. I really want to move somewhere a bit cooler and more going on thinking of Melbourne! has anyone done this and could offer any advise Thank you!
  4. siiobhan

    Stolen passport please help!!!

    haha no way! aww thank you uve been a big help!!
  5. siiobhan

    Stolen passport please help!!!

    - how did u go about getting ur new one? thanks
  6. siiobhan

    Stolen passport please help!!!

    so i had m passport stolen i have reported it and made a interview at the oz post office and filled out the documents. When this appointment is done with how long will it take to get a new passport? what do i do next?