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  1. Speaking of connections....... My present employer might be looking for some additional draft surveyors. (NOT in offshore) If you are interested, please PM me. Relocation might be required. just extending a helping hand cheers Baggi
  2. Welcome.... Only the time spent here and a job done here is counted. You can keep visiting every month.
  3. Tell me about it. Already changed profession. I dont even know who or what I am any more. Odd jobs are keeping my head over water. Trying to launch a startup. will update here once it is up and running. regards
  4. baggi

    Maritime Jobs

    Western and Northern Regions seem to have lots and lots of options. Am based here in South Australia. And when ever i search for any marine related job..... the above two pop up hope that helps
  5. Hey Guys.... Just shouting out to anyone based in South Australia. I am in Adelaide region... looking for some marine brothers or sisters PM me and will fwd details and we will communicate. more later....cheers baggi
  6. Not taking the going back option. Gonna bite the bullet and rough it out here. There are no marine jobs, whatsoever. There were two or three shipping offices here in the port area and when i went to meet them..... they were like, what are you doing here? And every recruiting company says, to apply from the website. I dont even know if they open those applications. I have applied to so many jobs that now i am getting rejection letters from unknown companies and the offices that i didnt even know that i had applied to. Anyways. Slowly things have started to look up. Takes time though........... My advise to the new comers............ Come with enough financial backup to last the time till you get something running. And get a driving licence as soon as possible. I am based here in South Australia, Adelaide Region. PM me if someone needs any assistance / service from a Master Mariner , Or even if you just want to talk. will fwd my number. Am looking into starting something. Something related to shipping. would be nice if we have our network of mariners who are here, so that we can help each other out, offer assistance, services, that sort of thing. Shouting out to our seniors here too. PM me your numbers. who knows one might need someone in another city to carry out a job. Cheers baggi
  7. This thread has been around for like for ever..... lovely thread. reminds me how hard it was getting here. anyone here, based in South Australia? just looking for some fellow mariners. regards baggi
  8. congrats Navigator looking fwd to the big day myself
  9. Thanks for the info, was wondering where i will be able to trace down the flag states for the PCCs. "Companies" on the other hand....are different. one can surely arrange character certificate from them.
  10. anyways, am hovering between the 10 and the 15 points with the sea time letters itself. will worry about the employment thingy after the orals
  11. how about sea time letters from the companies? it took me a lot of time and effort to track them down and get those. have been employed but have been jumping all over the companies last couple of years. didnt think that it would finally become a problem.
  12. jshamantak on the AMSA website there is this requirement which states how much sea time is required for which rank. i cant seem to find the link. read it a long time ago. but the skill set requirement states that in last 10 years, you get points for sailing 36, 60 and 96 months and you get the points for them respectively. hope that it helps baggi
  13. Shoot Question....... To contact you can PM anybody. regards
  14. Heya, Please PM me your Email address, have collected some study material from some helpful people here. will forward them them over to you. regards
  15. Peter Ash Congrats. As for you question, you will have to complete the CEC process (the orals and all) for working there as this qualifies for the Australian equivalence of your ticket. I believe that some employers ask for this.