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  1. Hi all, I thought I would update you with my progress. It turns out that victoria are more strict than NSW in assessing legal qualifications. What I did was apply to LPAB in NSW for a skills assessment ($250) and provided certified copies of my qualifications and unit guides from the GDL I had studied. They replied and gave me exemptions in : Legal institutions Criminal law and procedure Torts Contracts Equity and One unspecified elective subject. I have to study: Real property Constitutional law Commercial Admin law Evidence Tax Succession Conveyancing practice and procedure Legal ethics jurisprudence 2 elective subjects listed in the LPAB rules. I have enrolled online with the University of New England and they gave me advanced standing for those subjects in the first list above. My aim is to get an LLB from there and then apply for admission in Victoria, as that is where I live and there is mutual recognition between states. The degree will take me about 1.5 years from now. I have completed my first trimester and it is going well.
  2. From the uniform principles... Overseas graduates in law, or overseas practitioners often undertake post-graduate work in Australia. A post-graduate Doctorate, Masters or Diploma course, taken in Australia or elsewhere, is generally not a relevant qualification for admission purposes. A Graduate Diploma in law undertaken in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, and the Common Professional Examination are exceptions to this principle.
  3. Wow... What a kind reply... Firstly thanks for your concern on my huge life decision being made on the basis of some conversations with somebody at the Law Soc. you actually have no idea about my journey to emigrating, thank you though! In no way did I ever state that I believe I should be able to qualify with my 1 year GDL + 6 month PLT which you'll find if you read my original post. If you actually read my first post I did say I know the GDL is not an LLB equivalent. I am merely asking why I would not be eligible to have my GDL even assessed as I know others have without having done an LPC, I am prepared and have accepted that I may need to do in excess of 10 subjects before even beginning an Australian LPC. Petals thank you for reply also, I do understand the job market as I have lived and worked in Melbourne with a law firm already and will actually be doing an article clerkship with with my previous employer when the time comes.
  4. I am trying to get on the path to becoming qualified in Australia one day in the future. I've just checked their website again and they do refer to the process of checking overseas qualifications as a "Skills Assessment" so the terminology may just be coincidental? Unless you know this for sure?? Have you been through this process yourself?
  5. Hi Rupert, Thanks for your reply, yes you are right I am coming over on a partner visa. I had no idea that the skills assessment was only for the skilled migrant visa, I have only used this terminology as that is what they had used with me (even after they knew my situation) Does it have a different name then? Do you think this would have affected the response I received? Many thanks
  6. Hi all, This is my first post even though I have been a long time reader of the forum. Next week I am due to return to Melbourne from England with my Aussie fiancée and it seems I have run into a bit of a hurdle which is causing me some grief. I am struggling to find some answers so thought I would turn to this forum for help. Last September I began a GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) from the College of Law with every intention of returning to Melbourne with my OH. I spoke both verbally and through email with The Legal Board of Examiners in Melbourne in regards to the proceedings once I graduated from my course. Through reading the uniform principle guidelines and through speaking with two people at the board, they assured me that after graduating I could send in my application for skills assessment where they said they would prescribe me around 6 subjects (from the list of about 11 I think) and then I could go on to do my practical legal training in Melbourne. So on this information our flights are booked and we are set to fly back to Melbourne next week. However on Thursday I sent the Legal Board of Examiners an email just asking a simple question and letting them know I was sending in my application for a skills assessment. To my surprise the email I received back caused immediate stress for my fiancée and I, the email stated that I was in fact not even eligible to to apply for a skills assessment as I had not completed a 3 year LLB in the UK or an LPC on top of the GDL, the email was sent by the very lady who told me only months earlier that all I needed to apply was a GDL. I would be so grateful if people would share their similar experiences or if they have been in the same boat. I do now know through further investigation that a GDL doesn't quite equate to an Aussie LLB but I find it hard to believe that my GDL [comprising of Tort, Contract, Equity & Trusts, Crime and Land (plus Public and EU law)] could possibly be completely worthless and make me ineligible for a mere assessment. It seems to me that if it doesn't quite equate shouldn't I just be prescribed the full list of 11/12 subjects? Because from what she has said it seems as though I am not even eligible to do that. I am MORE than happy to pay for and do all of those subjects instead of completing a worthless and expensive UK LPC on top of what I have already done I'm at a loss as to what to do now as the woman at the board has given me two contradictory pieces of information and as it is the weekend I won't get a reply until next week, and when you potentially have boxes to ship and possible flights to delay it is oh so stressful. If anybody has any experience of suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Also does anybody know how the Legal Board of Examiners vary from state to state? Am willing to do whatever it takes. Many thanks in advance for your help xx