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  1. Mart86

    190 visa settlement funds

    Hi All, Part of the eligibility criteria states a ‘contract of employment’ for WA. I would be applying from the UK, and noticed it states that settlement funds would be required if when applying you reside outside of WA. But I’m curious if anyone has knowledge or experience of, the settlement funds are instead of a job offer or in conjunction with a job offer. Any help/knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Martin
  2. Mart86

    Help please!!

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated, your right it's like a foreign language.
  3. Mart86

    Help please!!

    Thanks it's just all confusing and not that sure, thanks
  4. Mart86

    Help please!!

    Hi does anyone know where I can find out what states are sponsoring what occupations, as I don't think I'm looking at the right sites, is there a way to search for an occupation and this tells you which stated are available. Thanks in advance and any help is appreciated. mart
  5. Mart86

    Some help please !!! State sponsorship

    Hi rupert I will be claiming 30 for age 10 for qualification 5 for work experience and not sure if I could claim 5 points for studying in Australia as it was in w.a but wanna go to s.a can that still be claimed?? Then will just need 10 from ielts. Thanks mart
  6. Mart86

    Some help please !!! State sponsorship

    Ye I think I get it now I worked out that I have 55 points so would need to do an ielts to gain the extra, what a pain all this is I think the state sponsor still requires 60 points to even be considerd. Will have to look more into it. Cheers for the info I hope what I think is right otherwise back to the start to try and understand.
  7. Mart86

    Some help please !!! State sponsorship

    Thanks Rupert will have a look at that website cheers. I was under the impression that you had to achieve a certain amount of points before applying such as age, qualification etc is this not applied to state sponsorship I'm so confused reading all this stuff. Mart
  8. Hi everyone, does anyone know anything about state sponsorship to S.A I'm trying to find out the general cost of the visa I understand the eoi is free but carnt find the price for the visa also is the points for state sponsorship the same for every state this being 60. Thanks in advance for any reply. mart
  9. Hi everyone me and my partner were in Perth for 4 years and wanted to apply for state sponsorship there but her skills has been removed and the only place offering now is SA. We would rather be there than in the uk even tho all her family are in Perth. We lived in a place near Joondalup called tapping and would like to now where is similar in Adelaide to live I.e new area with shopping centre and all amenities. If any one could help who has been/ lived both places any info would be appreciated, with regards to work/live. Thanks in advance mart
  10. Mart86

    Help please.!!!! What to do next

    Thanks for your replies ye my skill is on the list but don't have a formal qualification but could get skills assessed. And your right SA is closer than the uk. But not to sure on if work experience would suffice over a stupid certificate. If a skill has been taken of WA does that mean it will not come back on at all.?
  11. Hi all thanks in advance for you help. My partner and I, we're about to submit our EOI to Western Australia under my partners skill of community worker, this however all of a sudden has gone on the list now and only available in SA but all our family is in WA. I however have been a landscape Gardner for 10 years almost but not qualified only have work experience. Does anyone have any advice on where we could go next and what would I have to do if it's possible to gain state sponsorship to WA. Thanks and any information would be gratefully appreciated.
  12. Mart86

    State sponsorship- HELP!!!

    Thanks for your posts with regards to the Vetasess and ielts all done and positive and have enough points as been to see a migration expert that confirms we have enough points so its pretty straight forward I guess. It's just the eoi that may stump me as I have heard that has to be pretty bob on as that what's the trickiest part and gets people out. Also I heard with WA that they kind of dictate where ya go on a state sponsor visa, I was in Perth for 4 years and wanna go back there the only reason I'm back in the uk is the idiots in the immi who surely haven't even got a level 5 in ielts. thanks again for your posts
  13. Mart86

    State sponsorship- HELP!!!

    Thanks for your reply its such a joke the difference now I can understand it going from $3060-$3520 but charging almost double that because of dependents is a total joke. But I'm sure plenty of people will pay it like me.
  14. Mart86

    State sponsorship- HELP!!!

    Hi everyone, can anyone help please last April me and my partner were about to start a 190 visa to wa but had some financial problems and couldn't start before July 1st when new criteria came out luckily were still on to proceed with the visa but the Mara registered agent has said the visa in now around $6160 to submit an increase from $3060 for all three of us (myself, partner and child). That's just the visa not anything else, but I haven't heard anyone mention this before any help would be gratefully accepted, also could I do this visa myself or is it to complicated that's why the agent wants £3000 to do it. thanks Martin