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  1. Geelong - what's it actually like?

    Personally, I like Geelong. I've several friends that live there and have been a fair bit, although not for a while. If you like beaches, Geelong is a good option. One friend spends most of the summer at the beach when he's not working, bodyboarding with his kids. The commute to Melbourne isn't so bad from there via the VLine too, although crowded from Wyndham Vale station to the city. I'm in the Western Suburbs, but I do like Geelong as a place. Strolling along the seafront where there has been quite a bit of money spent in recent years is most pleasant.
  2. Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    I moved in September 2014, to be with my favourite Australian who was then my girlfriend and naturally already living here. We deliberately did a 189 visa, as I didn't want to be tied to any person (in case that didn't work), any job (in case that didn't work) or any place (in case I didn't like it). That was preagmatic and sensible for me. I joined the local hockey team, being a hockey player, and have picked up a good social circle through there and work. It took a while to get working, but I got there in the end. At the hockey club, I went through a full pre-season, and was asked to captain the 3rd team which I did. At the end of the season, I was awarded best and fairest for both the 3rd team, and the vets team I played for. I was also asked to coach the 3rd and 4ths from the second season on. I've worked hard, and been recognised as one of the top 20 perfoming staff in the whole company of 400-450 people, but by career growth hasn't happened yet. Consequently looking around for alternative employers. On a personal level, the relationship stood up and we are now married. We have a daughter together who has just turned 1, and once my career (and salary) progresses, we have plans do invest in property and extend our house. The only thing I miss is closer contact with friends, but I knew this was going to be the case so it isn't an issue. We went back for a couple of weeks last year to show bubs off to my family etc., and caught up with friends, but never felt like I wanted to go back there permanently.
  3. Are migrants discriminated against?

    On another tack, the comments this week by Peter Dutton (Borders and Immigration secretary) are certainly unhelpful. With them attacking the 457, Dutton refused to narrow his criticism to just temporary residents, and said in a recent TV interview I watched "Australian's first for Australian jobs, only employ an immigrant as a last resort." I cannot believe that statements like this won't have an effect in a competitive job market.
  4. Are migrants discriminated against?

    When I first moved, it took me 3 months to get a job. A lot of the questions I was asked by employers and agents were, if not discriminatory, certainly sceptical of any immigrant especially "fresh off the boat". I arrived on a 189, have great experience and qualifications (in IT) and eventually had to take something far below my skill and experience. Now I've established myself, I've been looking a while now again, and I can say I'm coming up against a lot of the familiar scepticism. I'm English by the way. This may be the IT industry, or the area of IT I work in (support or ideally infrastructure), rather than the job market in general, but it's the only area of my life I've not been welcomed with open arms.
  5. Moving to Melbourne - advice needed

    I'm a fan of the Western suburbs, and your money certainly goes further. I live in Wyndham Vale, and the train from Werribee or Wyndham Vale (now the V Line goes through there) is less than 45 minutes. Schools are a bit hit and miss, but my Aussie Mrs got her eldest into Hoppers Secondary who are very good from experience. Her younger kids are at Iramoo primary, just round the corner.
  6. Who else moved for love?

    I moved for love. Just over 2 1/2 years in now, we're married and our daughter turned one yesterday. I have never considered moving home. Apart from employers (have seen a lot of scepticism of immigants and me, despite be being here on a 189 from the start, also not being considered one of "those" immigrants as I'm English), I have been universally made to feel welcome and at home. I have earned respect and kudos, and have some good mates. The only thing I do miss is closer contact with old friends, but I knew this would be the case before I moved so it's not a problem.
  7. Expat meet ups in Melbourne?

    Hello! I've been out here since September, western suburbs, with my local girlfriend. Would like to meet up with Brits if there's something on!
  8. IKNWCB, I have now been in Aus for just under 4 months. I got a job in the end, and have been gainfully employed in my field for 3 weeks now, having eventually got 3 job offers in 48 hours. I got a car yesterday, and everything is working out really well. You may not remember me as I've not been around here since I moved, but hi guys!
  9. Don't know about your specific case, but Australia is part of the commonwealth. They came second in medals at the recent commonwealth games in Glasgow. #JustSayin
  10. Order of things and documentation

    That is fabulous information, thanks so much!
  11. Anyone moving to Melbourne in January 2015???

    I'm going in 2 weeks, and have no worries about making friends. I'll be joining sports teams though so it makes it considerably easier. Plus, I'm fantastic!
  12. Racist Website

    No, and no again. Offense is generally taken, not given. You're wrong. Tiresome people who seem to lurk under every moment searching for outrage to create drama in their lives, no thanks. It all screams LOOK AT ME, and you're just being a drama queen, not our venerable pom queen. I also suspect that this is part of a larger issue purely involved with a few individual people, not a wider thing or something you actually believe, but a personal grudge. I'd be surprised if IP addresses didn't match up with some other poster, but then again I don't know the beef.
  13. Who would you shag on PIO?

    So, getting pissed on the first date and trying to nail them in the toilets would be a bad thing? I need to learn some things
  14. Racist Website

    Kindly give over. You say you're a "Proud Brit", and also a German national. Which is it? We have a saying here in Blighty, when in a hole, stop digging. It ain't racism, at best it harps back to historical and political rivalries between two nations with close ties over the years since we invented Australia. I suspect you are merely trolling, but still, give over. If an Aussie wants to call me a pommie bastard and mean it as an insult, they'll be laughed at/with. If they were to persist, they'd be put in their place. Not for using the term pom, but just for being rude. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but being called a pommie cannot hurt you.
  15. Racist Website

    My 2 cents, don't let non-issues bother you. I'm a proud Englishman, and I've been called plenty in my years, but taking offense at a colloquialism is mental mate, stop.