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  1. shakergaz

    Leaving it all behind

    I know a lad that has managed to get a couple of temp animation jobs in Melbourne. Paid around 80 an hour I think. I don't really know a lot about it as it's not my field but I think he set up some sort of Facebook group for people in that area and has arranged a couple of networking meetings for computery animationy people!
  2. shakergaz

    WHV Processing Time/Approval Rate

    I've not heard of anyone being rejected. And mine took about 3 hours...
  3. shakergaz

    2nd year visa/WHV/fruit picking/farm jobs??

    I'm heading there on Tuesday I think! Exceptionally skint after a trip up North so hopefully I can find something quick. Would like to head to Bowen after a coup of weeks as I've heard work should be coming up there, but we'll see how it goes...
  4. shakergaz


    I worked for easypickings, they're legit!
  5. shakergaz

    backpacking and money

    I opened up an oz account before moving and transferred my money the week before I arrived. Just had to visit the bank on my day of arrival to activate it and get my card then had instant access to my dollars.
  6. shakergaz

    Job searching

    It might sound pretty obvious but the harder you look it's likely the quicker you'll find work (he says currently unemployed...) gumtree, all the job websites, ringing up companies, handing cv's around, agencies, hostel notice boards, harvest trail to name but a few! Good luck!
  7. If anyone knows of any in North WA or NT give me a shout!
  8. Try easy pickings. I know they were looking for staff a couple of weeks ago when I left. You can work there whilst living in Melbourne and counts towards your visa.
  9. shakergaz

    How do you get around?

    Hitchhiking is definitely an option, it takes longer but can be done. People, be it locals or othe backpackers are often more than happy to give lifts and it's a great way to meet new people.
  10. shakergaz

    day to day life on a WHV

    I just found it online. Easypickings is the company, worth liking the FB page and applying on the website when you get here. They're not taking anyone on at the moment but most people are close to completing their 88 days so could be a few jobs going next month maybe.
  11. shakergaz

    day to day life on a WHV

    Pretty much agree with tingtongman there! You can live cheap in Australia if you just use common sense. Unfortunately I haven't used much at times haha. I've been in Melbourne since November more or less and managed to spend a lit of money but I've enjoyed the city. Thankfully I found great work on a. farm in the Yarra valley (not massive pay but enough and enjoyable working environment and great boss). My advice flrsaving money on food in melbourne would be do your food shopping at queen vic market... Dirt cheap for meat and good quality. If you plan on staying in Melbourne a while get a flatshare rather than spending money on hostels. I'm currently in saving mode living on a caravan park near work so only spending about 130 dollars a week all in. Hopefully I can find work somewhere else soon so I can move state.
  12. Ha think I'm gonna try couchsurfing next!
  13. You won't find a better hostel than Space. Stayed there for about a month til it got stupidly expensive!
  14. shakergaz

    Trip reports of a guy on a WHV

    Yeah I've just started work near Melbourne pickings berries and the amount of waste is ridiculous. I understand not packing the berries that are over ripe and could ruin the rest of the punnet, but throwing them away because they're slightly too small or don't have the 'right' shape is such a waste. I try and eat as many of those that will be thrown out as possible to minimise the waste!
  15. shakergaz

    Trip reports of a guy on a WHV

    Tingtongman, great thread! Not sure if I've missed it but how did you get to the onion farm? Did you use public transport or drive? The one thing that's concerning me slightly is the number of picking jobs that I've seen that require you to have your own transport!