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  1. ACT for me, as far from the sea as it gets! Not even in a marine related job anymore. Working for a UK company and living here just got too hard and there lack of work here didn’t help!
  2. Amen to that, I had the same thing in my AMSA orals, and I answered with MAYDAY only to be told, "I'd go PAN PAN as you can always escalate later", I of course just nodded and smiled but it's contrary to everything I've ever been taught on ship's of any type.
  3. Also Google is your friend https://app.box.com/s/gqtc08b3x2qtx6yqxlmh
  4. Not forgetting the lovely 1.08% surcharge for paying by card as well.
  5. Good to see that we made the cut for the 2015/16 SOL, oh and that the Immi website has a snazzy new design. Nice to know the visa fees are for a good purpose....
  6. Yep, times are tough. My dog's having to live in a cardboard box!
  7. No worries I'll get hold of it for you, won't be until August though. Oh and mums the word about emigrating!
  8. Ha ha small world, I am indeed off to the Mary, then the trip after joining the QE in Fremantle conveniently!
  9. I will be as of next trip, been P&O up till now.
  10. Yeah I got them done earlier this month as I'll be back at sea by the time a CO gets allocated so it saves much heartache getting them done later. I figure that finding the time in New York would be too hard, and there's no one in Southampton to do them.
  11. Visa application successfully submitted today. That was painful on the wallet! Takes quite some time to upload all those documents as well doesn't it. Annoyingly my Medical's didn't link through automatically, though I may just be impatient, and as completionist it bugs me that i have nothing to add into the "recommended" Australian work and qualification tabs. Ah well. Now we play the waiting game!
  12. cheers! I'm glad that most of the hoops are jumped through. I'll have the application in before the end of today methinks, better safe than sorry I imagine. It's all rather volatile isn't it!
  13. As an aside, I see a lot of people around the forum worried about their professions being removed from the SOL. Given the state of the industry out here I wonder if they'll be chopping us. We're not on the flagged occupation list though. Thoughts anyone?
  14. Looks like they're still issuing the invitations, I got mine today at 0013 AEST, so that's nice.
  15. Thanks for the advice once more! Had a read through that thread, so thanks for that. So the basic problem with over claiming is that if DIBP don't agree then they'll remove the points you can't prove? But if you still make the 60 point cut when they remove those points then you don't get your application cancelled?