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    Banjos Backpackers - Perth

    Booked my stay at the Banjos Backpackers in Perth for when i arrive on the 1st of October. Review say it's really good so was just wondering if anybody else has stayed there whilst on their travels in Perth? Leigh
  2. Thatguy

    what are you doing right now?

    Currently watching Breaking Bad whilst researching hostels. Say my name......HEISENBERG
  3. Hello mate, I'm looking to do 3 months 'regional/rural' work too when i arrive in Perth so i can extend my visa for another year. The place i'm looking at is called Albany Backpackers in...Albany. Not sure if you are looking to stay in hostels or whatever but they offer accommodation and help you get a job more than likely fruit picking so you can extend your visa that way. It's where i will be heading to do my 3 months work if I haven't gone to a different state. Hope this helps in some way dude Leigh
  4. Thatguy

    Moving to Perth end of the year - Any Advice?

    Nice one pal. Give me shout when you arrive mate. You on FB?
  5. Thatguy

    Perth - Is it really that bad?

    Thanks for all the replies everyone, i really appreciate it. I have to agree, it's clear that there are people out there who just have to complain about something. 99% of the an experience is what you make it so again your right about that, i'll make sure ill have good time no matter what! Any recommendations on places to visit in Perth? Places to drink? sports etc :biggrin:
  6. On previous posts Iv made it known im flying into Perth on the 1st of October with a view of staying there for at least 3 months. However, after looking through many threads, there is a lot of negativity shown towards Perth. What I want to know is it really that bad? Iv heard things like very rude people, terrible night scene & lack of amenities etc? If this is the case I may not stay in Perth all that long as I really desire to go to Melbourne as I hear its a terrific place to be. If anyone who has traveled Perth as a backpacker or even as a resident who can shed some light on Perth & some of things iv heard id really appreciate it. Thanks guys! Leigh
  7. Thatguy

    Working Hostels in Perth

    What are the best working hostels to stay at in Perth (WA) ? If you have stayed in any and would recommend any to me that would really appreciated. Thanks guys
  8. Thatguy

    Moving to Perth end of the year - Any Advice?

    James, hello mate Im doing pretty much the same as you. Looking to get into 3 months rural work in Perth when i get there. I'm going to arrive on the 1st of October. Can meet up when you arrive and have a few hundred beers haha Leigh
  9. Thatguy

    Perth October 2013 onwards

    Hi guys I'm flying into Perth on the 1st of October & basically just wanted to get one step ahead an meet some people on here who will be there the same time. Any tips on best hostels in Perth & also regional work opportunities as I am hoping to extend my whv for another 12 months. I'm an athletic guy who loves his sports especially football, always good for the laugh and getting a bit boozy with the lads & girls. Thanks guys Leigh