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  1. goslar

    Time to forget about migrating to Oz?

    yes, 489 or partner may add points?!
  2. goslar

    Time to forget about migrating to Oz?

    how about your IELTs?
  3. goslar

    Do I need to assess my PhD ?

    Is your PhD from Australia?! If so, I feel it is weird that it has to be assessed to have reached an 'Australian equivalent level'.
  4. goslar

    Take that IELTS!!!

    well done! good luck with change of occupation assessment!
  5. goslar

    Trying to be positive

    Thanks for your reply, that was exactly what I did. I will try other ones at some points.
  6. goslar

    Trying to be positive

    Does anyone know by chance if MARA agents from Australia or UK would cover overseas cases ?! I am from Asia. I may want to consult a MARA-registered agent at some point. However, I did try to email a MARA agent in Australia , and disappointingly, I heard no reply?!
  7. but certainly it would be good to check for job opening, when the time is closer...
  8. yes, that's true, policies always change. I often think that it may anyway take up to a year, or even longer for the application to finish.... just wait and see....
  9. hee.... as i am not sure about their criteria for assessment... whether they need to get an 'exact' qualification matched... I worry that they would think my BSc is too short (as I saw other peoples' posts that they got Vetassess negatively assessed because of the short of credit after a direct comparison of the degree). I also have a Bristish MSc (1 year), and a German PhD (3 years). Again, the during of my PhD is shorter than the normal Australian one, so I am not sure how they would see it. But, I guess, now, it is more up to them than me.... just need to wait.
  10. Thanks both Little Sarah and Tickled Pink. As a matter of fact, I do have a PhD. However, my scientific track is not too smooth so far, I finished my PhD and stop for few years before engaging in my last position to teach at a College (degree level) for 4 years. The job was so busy, and i had little time to do research at all. Since last year, I have been in a job, which I do not need to teach a lot, but have more time to reveal the literature, think about research and write papers. So, hopefully, I can anticipate to boost my publication a bit.... Certainly, i would be glad to have a lecturing position in NSW, otherwise, I am also happy to work as Research Associate or even move to the industry.... By the way, are there jobs for microbiologists around?! I indeed don't mind starting off from a lower position....
  11. Hi, Jo, Your replies are always helpful and informative! Yes, I decided to try the NSW Uni Lecturer. Better not risk with Victoria SS, and I see that Queensland only sponsors a low number of applicants in the recent rounds. I just sent out my application for Vetassess assessment, I hope that goes well. Let's see.... Indeed, i do worry about how they assess qualifications. I do have a British BSc (Hons), but I did it part-time, and it was after I first got a Higher Diploma in the same subject. Therefore, my part-time degree was finished within a relatively short time (2 years). I hope that they would just see that the UK and Australian BSc are equivalent....
  12. i think i will first try NSW - University lecturer, as i do have 4 years of recent and solid university teaching experience The last year, i mainly focused on scientific research, therefore, I think i am also eligible to apply as a Microbiologist, as that has been my major focus since my undergraduate training....